ParentingStock up on Cleaning Items this Spring Cleaning Season

Stock up on Cleaning Items this Spring Cleaning Season

Spring Fever has definitely caught on here at the Bayless house. The beautiful weather we’ve had the past few weeks has been wonderful! Many nights we’ve had to drag our boys inside when it’s dinner time only to have them shove food in their mouths as fast as they can and ask to go back outside to play in our playhouse and sandbox or ride bikes around the block.

Spring also means it’s time to really clean out the house well before those warm days are upon us for good.  I hate to clean, but I love how the house looks and smells when it’s done.

Stock up now on cleaning items

Maybe you’ve started to catch Spring Fever as well. Now is a great time to stock up on those cleaning items you need for the year. You’ve probably started seeing some good coupons in your weekly inserts for your favorite household cleaners. Sales on these items should be in your store fliers now as well.  I totally misjudged last year how many containers of Clorox wipes, Windex, floor cleaner, and Pledge I needed to keep me stocked up during the year. I should have thought that through a lot better.  Running a daycare full of boys as well as cleaning up the messes my own two boys make, means I am constantly cleaning up some kind of mess. Oh, and not to mention we are now potty training one of my daycare kids which means the bathroom gets cleaned at least once a day! I’ll admit I paid full price for some of my cleaning items more than once during the past few months. I hope that does not happen this year.

Here are a few tips I follow each year when it’s time to spring clean the Bayless House:

1.     Make a list of everything you want to clean this year. After I make my list, I organize it by priority. Must do items are listed first!

2.     Do a little bit of cleaning each day. Set aside 20-30 minutes each day to work on something on your list. Save those longer days of cleaning for the week of Spring Break or weekends (or a rainy spring day).

3.     Pick one room or area that is a must clean and start there. This way you are sure to get this area checked off the list this year. At the Bayless house, it’s our spare bedroom, also known as the room where everything gets put when we don’t know where else to put it.

4.     If it’s broken, you haven’t used it, worn it, or missed it in the past year; it’s time to get rid of it. This is probably the hardest rule for me to follow. Just ask my husband.

5.     Take time to neatly put away winter items, so it’s easier to find them when those brisk fall days are upon us again.

6.     Label items you are placing in storage. It will make things a lot easier to locate next time around.

Get a jump start before you get tired of cleaning

Good luck at getting your list completed this year, and be sure to stock up on those cleaning products while they are at their lowest prices.  I’m pretty sure I’ll get started cleaning and be all motivated to complete everything on my list, but then the nice weather will take over and I’ll decide to spend time playing outside with my kids!

Shannen Bayless is the mother of two young boys and a football coach’s wife. She also gives coupon tips to the blog’s readers.
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  2. Ive started doing this an I can begin to tell a difference,just a few minutes a day makes,,wish me luck with the rest


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