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If You’re Looking To Start A Garden, Think About These 7 Things First

Start a Garden

Starting a garden is not only a great hobby, but it can make your home look better too. However, starting a garden without proper preparation can lead to some costly mistakes, so it’s a good idea to plan some things out first before you begin. By thinking over the 7 items below, you should have a better idea as to how you’re going to start your garden, and you’ll be setting it up for long-term success.

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Where You’re Going To Build It

The first thing to think about is where you’re going to put the garden. In your backyard? On the roof? In front of a large window? The location will play a large role in determining how big the garden can big, along with other factors like the type of plants you can grow. For instance, if you’re planting in an area with not a lot of sunlight, this will determine what kind of plant you can grow there.

When You’re Going To Plant It

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Some plants need to be planted at certain times of the year. If you’re starting a vegetable garden, you’ll want to look up the best time to grow the plants you’re after, and then wait for that season to arrive, or switch to another plant. You also don’t want to start an outdoor garden right before a cold Winter, so it might be a good idea to hold off for a few months.

What You’ll Need

Before you start buying supplies, it’s a good idea to come up with a complete list of everything you’ll need. This will help to make sure you stay within your budget, and that you don’t forget anything. Some things you’ll need are soil, seeds, and pots to grow it in, or something like a raised flower bed. Once you have your list complete, you can head on over to your local garden center and begin your shopping.

What You’re Going To Grow

This is one of the bigger questions you have to ask yourself. Do you want this to be a vegetable garden, or one full of flowers? Perhaps you’re going to grow some herbs and spices? What you want to grow will play a large role in determining the type of soil you need to get, where you need to plant it, and when you need to plant it. If you’re working with limited space, your options for the type of plant you can grow may also be limited, so it’s best to figure this out now before you start putting your garden together.

How You’re Going To Water It

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This question is usually a simple one, but you should still think about it. If you have a large garden, you may not want to carry around a watering can. You should also consider the closest source of water to your plants, so that you can easily fill up the water can or connect a hose. Another option if your garden is outside is to set up an automated system. Many homes are choosing to go with home automation technology, and you can hook these up to a sprinkler system and have them water the garden for you.

What Else Will Go In The Garden

Add a little extra touch to your garden by adding some other pieces to it. Perhaps you could add a sculpture, a bird feeder, or a water fountain nearby. Little touches like this can bring a new dimension to your garden, and make it an enjoyable place to relax around. If you have a lot of empty space and want room for picknicking or the kids to play, one way to fill it up is with artificial turf grass. Not only does this type of grass look realistic but it also saves a lot of money on your water bill.

How Much You’re Looking To Spend

Finally, when considering all of the questions above, you also have to keep your budget in mind. Planning too big of a garden will become costly, and most of us don’t have a ton to spend on a garden. That’s why it’s a good idea to plan out everything you’ll need for your garden beforehand, that way you can see how much it’s going to cost. If you find that you are about to spend too much, consider starting with a smaller garden, and then adding onto it over time.

Plan Ahead To Build The Perfect Garden

Having a garden is a great benefit to any home. Buy in order for it to be a success, you need to plan ahead. By thinking about everything you need to do before you start your garden, you’ll ensure that you’re making the right decisions. Then you can dive right in and start your garden, knowing that you have given it the best chance at succeeding.

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