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Spring Project: 5 Tips To Declutter Your Home

It’s not quite Summer yet which means it’s still Spring, and there is still time to get some last minute Spring cleaning done. This is something our family does each year just to kind of declutter our home and reorganize everything.

1. Make Goals – Make Rules – Follow Them

Before you even get started you should start a list. Make a list of each room you’d like to accomplish and each day or week focus on that room.

Make rules. Put a few rules in place like what things must be kept, organized or taken away from the room.

Follow your rules. Be sure to follow the rules you write down or else you’ll get no where! Stick to the goals you want to accomplish and don’t lose focus!

2. Recycle or Sell Old Electronics

One of the first things we do is get rid of our old electronics. I remember when I first moved in with my husband (he doesn’t throw anything away, it seems to be a family motto!) he had a few VCR’s and DVD players lying around. They were broken and unusable so there was no point to keeping them around. We took them to our local electronics drop off they usually do during the Spring where they will take certain electronics and dispose of them for you. It’s usually free but sometimes certain things like air conditioners will cost a small fee to dispose of.  This year, we happened to get two Wii’s for Christmas, both the kids and I received one, we didn’t need two consoles so we decided to sell my Wii for some extra cash.

To Do: If you have unused or broken electronics around the home, recycle or cell them to declutter.

3. Switch To Paperless

Now a days most companies give you a choice to receive a paper statement in the mail or receive a paperless statement through your email. If you can, try changing to paperless statements so that you don’t have a lot of paper just sitting around the house.

If you aren’t able to go paperless, be sure to set up a great organizing plan to keep the clutter to a minimum.

To Do: Go paperless on your statements and other mail.

4. Go Through Closets

This is one of our worst habits. Rarely do we do go through our closets to make sure those clothes still fit or are in good shape. This is something that can be time consuming but helps tremendously when trying to declutter. Clothing and shoes can take up a lot of space and when those items are being used they are just taking up space.

Whether you’ve gained a few pounds during the winter or have a lost a bit there are probably some shirt or pants in there that no longer fit. Or maybe a few items that you haven’t worn in a few years.. see what you can get rid of an either donate the items or sell them online.

To Do: Declutter your closets and donate or sell things that you don’t wear or that no longer fit.

5. Maintain That Clutter

Now that you’ve done your Spring decluttering keep it that way. Each day you can take 15 minutes and dedicate to putting things away, organizing or disposing of something that is no longer needed. You can also use shelf dividers, under the bed storage containers and other useful items to help keep things organized and neat.

To Do: Maintain, Maintain, Maintain


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