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Sound Advice to Help You Display Your Art the Right Way

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Artists spend a large part of their lives painting and perfecting their works in seclusion. Some paint just for the joy of it while others aim to make a living off their art. Displaying art to a large audience can help artists get recognition for their paintings and also provide them an opportunity to make money by selling those paintings.

Simply creating a stunning work of art isn’t necessary though. As an artist, it will do you good to carefully consider the best way to display your paintings. At times, you may miss out on a sale due to simple mistakes that you could have avoided.

If you are an artist and waiting to show your art to the world, take note of these points first.

Displaying Art at a Gallery

Having artwork displayed at a gallery isn’t easy as pie. If you aren’t a well-known artist, you may have to approach gallerists and work hard at convincing them about your paintings. Look for galleries that display artwork of a style that coincides with yours.

Gallerists usually do not display works by artists that are just one-timers. Gallerists are businessmen and have a reputation to take care of. They will prefer to sign an artist that is promising and serious about his career. Before you head to have a tête-à-tête with a gallerist, make sure you are geared up to make an impression.

Once your work is accepted, make a contract with the gallery. Usually artists skip this step, which may lead to a lot of problems at the time of selling a painting. The gallerist’s cut should be clearly stated in the contract. On the upside, your painting will likely be priced higher by the gallerist as the more you earn, the more he’ll too.

Never cram all your artwork in one exhibition or on one wall. Select paintings of the same theme or medium of work. Your paintings should be displayed at a distance from one another. This will allow visitors to focus on each painting better. Talk to the gallerist about having appropriate tags placed below or on the side of each painting.

Displaying Art at Other Venues

You also have the option of displaying your artwork at any other venue that sees a lot of people. Such venues can be hotels, restaurants, cafés or lounges. Owners of such places usually contact artists and ask if they would like to display their artwork for free for about a month or a year.

If you approach a gallerist, you may have to shell out some money to display your paintings. A hotel owner, on the other hand, will not charge you anything to hang your paintings in the hotel lobby or corridors.

Hotel owners generally offer to contact artists in case a patron is interested in buying a painting.

Having art displayed in other venues will be great only if you are sure it will attract a lot of visitors. Also, this set-up is only suitable for artists who create several paintings in a year. This is because if you only have a few paintings to display, you won’t be able to access any of them when you hand them over to the hotel/ restaurant owner.

When you go for venues other than art galleries, be sure to have your paintings displayed in a way that they look like paintings for sale and not just ordinary interior decorations. You can talk to the owner and have adequate light focusing on your paintings as required.

It is also a good idea to have your name and contact details displayed under the paintings and also at the reception. This will make it clear that the paintings are for sale and patrons can get in touch with you if they wish to make a purchase.

If you have set up a stall at an art expo, make sure to hand over your card to people who seem interested in your work. If they happen to return their business cards to you, you can leave them a formal message or send them a formal e-mail later when you have a new collection ready. You can also keep a guest log for visitors.

Remember that out of sight is out of mind. So even if you don’t hold exhibitions regularly, keep in touch with your patrons.

Before Heading to the Venue

Many artists are guilty of paying little attention to matting and framing their paintings appropriately. Any hangers you use on the frames should be secure. Tag your paintings with all the information you want displayed at the venue. This will make it easier for those handling your paintings to display them.

You may think it’s unnecessary to label your artwork in a detailed manner, but you’d be wrong. Include all details related to the size of the canvas: the medium of the work, the title of the painting, as well as its price. This will make your paintings look professional.

Sometimes, artists transport their paintings to the venue without packing them, especially if the distance is short. Even if the venue is just a couple of miles away, never take your paintings along without packing them properly. Use ample amount of acid-free tissue paper, cardboard and bubble wrap for each painting


If you have just started out with your career in art, remember you need enough exposure before you can sell your artwork. The reason you need to display your paintings is so that people can see more of your work and come to recognize you as an established painter.

Don’t get disheartened if your paintings don’t find buyers or bidders though. All artists start out small. With patience and implementing the tricks of the trade the right way, you will be on your way to success sooner than later.


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