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Social Networking & Customer Service

Written by Guest Blogger Tamara Putvin

Social Networking & Customer Service

For those in the Customer Service industry, remember the days that you were told. “If you have one unhappy customer they will tell 20 others”? Those days are long gone. I recently did a little study by doing a search on twitter for customer service I was able to find on any given day over 700 complaints about service received or lack of. Now imagine some of these complaints were coming from people that have over 1000 followers, see gone are the days of “telling 20 people”. Now not all of the “tweets” were complaints, some had good experiences, but they were overshadowed by the bad.

I believe this is going to have a huge impact on business’ everywhere. Consumers are standing up for the service they deserve. It’s time for companies to stand up and implement change in customer service standards. Companies that already have these standards in place need to take the time to revisit them. Customer service standards are at an all time low when the fact is they need to be at an all time high.

Some of the most common responses I viewed were things such as:

“Wasted 2 1/2 hours of my life today”
“{Company Name left out intentionally} has the worst automated customer service ever. I haven’t been so angry after a phone call ever!”
“Frustrated at {Company Name left out intentionally}…bad customer service is my pet peeve. UGH!”
“Their customer service NOTORIOUSLY & INFAMOUSLY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“Customer service in retail? Sadly, a thing of the past.” 
This is just a few examples of what is being thrown out there everyday. Each one of these comments listed a company name. Just another avenue companies need to be aware of? Believe it or not they are taking notice and signing for the likes of twitter. They are watching what their customers have to say and their customers are getting results. One complaint about Company A promoted a Customer Service Rep. to contact the angry customer via twitter with satisfactory results.

A perfect example of an excellent customer service program is Zappos. Just listen to what their customers are saying and not only on their website but all over the net.

“Excellent Service – As usual the product and service from Zappos was EXCELLENT! I have done business several times with Zappos and have been extremely satisfied with the service, and I will continue to do business with them in the future. They are A++++++!”

“Amazing Customer Service! I ordered a pair of shoes as a Christmas gift for my husband. Zappos upgraded the shipping to overnight (without my requesting such). I emailed to thank them and they took the time to email back. Their customer service is astounding. I highly recommend this company and will definitely shop with them again! Thank you Zappos, I wish more companies were like you!!!”

“Superior Customer Service!!! I just wanted to take time out to say that I placed the order for shoes on 12/03/08 on the East Coast around 7:30 ish that morning and to my sheer amazement, it seemed as if the shoes arrived the same evening! Prior to their arrival during the day I’d also gotten an e-mail from customer service stating that they’d given my order an upgrade of priority status. I just wanted to also thank the customer service rep for her patience and hospitality of excellent customer service.”

Amazing huh? Wouldn’t it be nice to read these amazing testimonials about every business? Zappos sure has cornered the market on customer service and is leading the way with superior customer service skills. They are seeing a person behind the computer screen, and on the other end of the phone line.This is what I call “WOW EM Service”.

Looking for ways to spark customer service creativity within your team? Check out Spark new thinking operated by Mark Henson. Spark new thinking is all about “Inspiring better Customer Service, Team work, and creativity”. Mark also runs 100 Here they share with you how they deal with small issues that come up while running their business. Creative ideas are shared from all their team members. Even in print you can see their unity. I have been in the customer service industry for almost two decades and I have learned so many new things just by stopping by this site. If you would like to learn more about Mark and his team stop by SparkSpace.

Here’s hoping you receive “WOW” service today.

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