ReviewsSoak Review: Gentle Laundry Care

Soak Review: Gentle Laundry Care

Here’s what Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Renee from Bearable Deals had to say about Soak laundry products…

Soak the stuff you care about most!

Soak is a product meant for knits, quilts, lingerie, delicate items and even your pets!!!

I recently had a chance to try some Soak samples. First let me say, I had never heard of such a product. With reviewing company products I have had the opportunity to try products that aren’t on our local store shelves. For example all I knew of a comparable product to “Soak” was the Woolite product on my store shelves. There are so many great products on there now thanks to the World Wide Web! What an opportunity!

Ok… on to the review….

I didn’t know what I would use it on at first. Then I noticed at their site that you use it on your pets and it showed an example of stuffed toys & plush. I am a teddy bear collector myself, and my 24 year old daughter has a teddy bear that is 20 years old that her daddy bought her when she was little. She still has it on her bed, and it was seeing better days.

So I decided to use the Soak product in “flora” scent on her teddy bear. It was so easy to use. I filled up our sink with cool water. I added the sample packet of Soak into the water. We put the teddy bear in the water and let “mushed” him around so he got totally wet and soak up the Soak product. We let it set for 15 – 20 minutes. Then you just squeeze out all the water and let air dry.

A much cleaner looking teddy bear, and he still didn’t look any newer, but he did look like he gained a few more years of life and definitely smelled MUCH better. It made my daughter very happy, she was always afraid to put it in the washer and have the chance it being destroyed and not have it anymore. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to use it on my “stinky” dogs!

I think Soak is a great product and has the versatility to use in any household!

Soak is available in four scents; Flora, Aquae, Citrus and a Scent for Celebration. Soak also comes with a Scentless product for sensitive skin. Soak is environmentally friendly. It is biodegradable and packaged in recyclable bottles which are printed with water-based inks. Soak is not organic or all natural. Natural products tend to need to be refrigerated and have short shelf lives. Soak is a stable product that will not fog or separate over time.

Soak is a product like no other, it is Rinse FREE. This product keeps your fabrics looking great and lasting longer.

* What is no rinse? No-rinse means that the product is a low-suds liquid. When you soak your items, the dirt and detergent comes out in the water and what is left in the item evaporates. When you squeeze out the water, you are left with a hint of fragrance that dissipates over time. You can rinse if you want. We recommend rinsing for lingerie. Rinsing does not affect how Soak cleans. It just removes the fragrance.

You can use Soak Products in the Washing Machine, Hand wash & even for spot cleaning.

Soak can be found in three convenient sizes:



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