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The Snack Fridge: A Fantastic Idea to Teach Kids Food Responsibility

As a child, your parents have enforced a sense of responsibility into your life. If you’re room looked like a rubbish tip, it was your responsibility to clean it up. When you hit someone, it was your responsibility to apologize for doing the wrong thing. As children, we have been taught to be responsible for our actions and make well-thought out choices. As you have children, you will pass down the “learning tree” these lessons of respect and responsibility to them as well.

However, the responsibility for children and healthy food choices seems to be lacking in today’s society. The responsibility with parents to educate their choices what food they need to eat, but also children using their knowledge for good health choices. Globally, there is an estimated 43 million children under the age of five that are overweight and obese. With over 1-in-6 children obese, and 1-in-3 children overweight, it has become an incredibly alarming health issue all around the globe.

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What’s the most concerning is that by 2020, almost 60 million preschoolers will be categorized into either the overweight and obese range. That’s in only four years’ time, and the forecasted amount is being modest. These children are less than five years old, and are obviously not learning about the nutritional value in the foods they’re eating.

Whilst It’s perfectly understandable that preschool teachers can’t teach preschoolers about everything about food choices. However, it should not only be taught in school but at home as well. Children are obviously learning from a number of different external factors that eating inappropriate foods in a consistent basis is fine. Whether it’s from children at preschool, television or parents, they are getting misguided information about healthy food choices.

It’s incredibly sad for these children, as their self-esteem becomes incredibly low due to the fact they feel uncomfortable in their body, or bullied for the shape and size of their bodies. Self-esteem is so important in children, and they deserve to live life with a great level of self-esteem. However, we can help change that with teaching children how respecting our bodies, with good food choices instead of unhealthy habits.

Incorporating a learning system into your child’s psyche will a great way to get them to learn and understand the healthy options available. A great learning system would be bar fridges, with a mixed range of healthy and unhealthy options at their disposal. Having a larger range of healthy alternative snacks and a very minimal range of sweet confectioneries, will help educate the child on what good, well-balanced eating is.

Putting your child’s daily food requirements into bar fridges can help show your child what the right food choices are throughout the day. With consistent use of education using bar fridges, your child will develop an understanding on what healthy food items should be eaten every day, and what unhealthy foods can be eaten in moderation. Using bar fridges as a learning tool is a great way to educate your child about the healthy food habits it should be adopting in the future.

We are so lucky in this day of age to be able to get fast, quick food at a relatively cheap cost, that I get that grabbing that food is an easier and cost-effective option. However, it Affects not only the life that you are leading, but also the life your child is leading as well. Allow your child to learn about healthy food responsibilities and how it can help let them live a better life going forward.


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