ReviewsSiliskin Toddler Drinking Glass Review

Siliskin Toddler Drinking Glass Review


You may have heard of Silikids: Siliskin Glass Bottle Covers but you might not have seen their new item.. the Siliskin Glass. A glass for toddlers, with a protective silicone sheath so they can drink like the “big kids” do!


I was excited to try this because in less than a year my twins will be considered toddlers. They’re still taking a bottle with milk once a day, the rest of the time they drink out of their sippy cups. They haven’t mastered the whole cup thing quite yet.. but they’re on their way to.

I let both of twins hold this new Siliskin Glass just to see if they’d try to drink out of it or not. Our little boy did try, if there was anything less than a few tablespoons of juice in the cup, it would have been all over the floor… but at least he tried and you could really tell he wanted to figure it out. But after showing him multiple times and encouraging him, we decided he just wasn’t ready yet.

My daughter.. well, she’s how she usually is.. she didn’t want anything to do with something new.. so the glass got thrown on the floor after she had a good look at it and felt the silicone covering! Once it ended up on the floor I rushed down to pick it up checking for any breakage or cracks.. but thankfully there wasn’t any. I then decided we’ll try again with the “big kids” cup holding in a few months and we’ll stick to the sippy cups for now.

I love the Siliskin Glass. I think it’s a great idea to have a glass for toddlers with a protective cover of it. The silicone will also allow them to easily grap the glass and that means less spills! It also seems pretty sturdy considering my daughter chucked it a good way and there was not even a crack in the glass. The Siliskin Glass gets a thumbs up from Mom Fuse. The glass come is a 6 oz. size and has a price tage of $7.95 at

About Silikids

From two moms whose children are growing and inspiring new ideas, comes a new option for the entire family! The Siliskin-Glass is a clean alternative to plastic drink-ware. BPA-free, and made from 100% food grade silicone, the Siliskin—Glass helps prevent slipping and adds extra protection to the glass inside. Glass is the cleanest option for drinking and it lasts because it’s reusable, and recylable. The Siliskin is hypo- allergenic, has no open pores to harbor bacteria, is dishwasher safe, and can be boiled to sterilize. Two simple ideas have come together to make the perfect drinkware better for your family and the environment.

fullSilibibTiffanyBlueThe Silikids line currently features:
• Siliskins – universal silicone sleeves for a variety of different glass baby bottles
• Siliskin Bottles – 4oz and 8-oz. glass bottles covered with a siliskin
• Silibibs – soft and easy to clean bibs made entirely of silicone
• Silipads – stylish silicone kneepads for crawlers and toddlers
• Siliskin Glass – a 6oz drinking glass for toddlers learning to use a “big kid” glass

The Silikids Silicone Benefit as explained below:

  • Unique for its hygienic and hypoallergenic, safe, durable and green benefits, silicone is a great solution for children’s products. Silicone is commonly used for baby bottle nipples, pacifiers, teethers and baby spoons.
  • Widely used by the medical field and cooking industry, silicone is a non-porous material which does not harbor germs or bacteria also preventing mold.
  • Silicone is an environmentally friendly, green substance. Unlike petroleum based plastics, silicone is made from sand. From its manufacturing to its disposal, no harmful by-products are produced. Silicone also promotes reuse, which is a good ecological alternative to the current disposable culture.
  • Silicone is extreme temperature resistant allowing it to be freezer safe, boiled for sterilization, as well as washer/dryer and dishwasher safe.

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