Sibling jealousy has the potential to ruin the childhood of your children and force them to make comparisons on every stage of life or if handled at the right time can make the best friends of each other.

Introduction to the digital world has also added a lot of burden on parents. Because now the children don’t spend time with each other and rather prefer to hear to the miniature idiot box.

Jealousy Comes in Different Ways:

  • When a new baby comes into the family and suddenly all the attention shifts from the first child to the baby.
  • Children who get jealous after a certain event but were normal before. For example, your elder son might receive more attention when he passed with good grades and the younger will feel jealous because of the attention his brother is getting from you, his grandparents and other people.
  • Jealousy coming out of frequent comparisons. For example,you asking your younger daughter to improve her math skills like his elder brother.

There are a lot of hints that children drop before reaching the jealous state of theirs where they feel depressed. The idea is to understand these signs or hints and deal with them.

Generally, children ask some questions to you and it is up to these answers through which they build their world of imagination of how it is going to be from there.

In the further blog, I have mentioned all the questions which children ask during the jealousy period with an answer which might upset them and also with an answer which will make them feel equally important and loved.

So the next time when you hear any of the following questions you know how to make them feel cheerful and loved.

sibling jealousy

1.  Do you Even Care about me Mom?

  • Incorrect:

Can’t you see I am feeding your brother? Go play something on the phone.

  • Correct:

Did you feel like that honey? I am so sorry that mommy is not able to devote time towards you. Okay so I will make it up for you, once I am done feeding your brother I will read you a story or we will play a new exciting game that you will love.

2.  You Never Help me, this is Unfair!

  • Incorrect:

Can’t you see how busy I am with the new baby coming into our family? If you need help with your homework, ask your daddy when he is back from work.

  • Correct:

Am I getting too busy with the baby! That must feel so unfair to you! I will be more aware of when do I need to help you out but can you also tell me when you need my help honey? I will try my best to help you out and if I am your mom too!

3.  I wish I Better be Dead Before Seeing all this!

Death is the strongest word they know (Hopefully). If they are using such a word don’t panic they are trying to tell you it has become a serious issue now and I need your attention on this.

  • Incorrect:

What is that language? Are you speaking to your mother or your friend? Go into your room and wait till I come and speak to you!

  • Correct:

Oh honey, is it getting that hard on your side? I am so sorry I am not able to look after you these days as there is so much in my hands nowadays. Come here let me hold you.

Now that you know how to handle such situations let’s look at how to avoid such feelings to take birth in a child’s mind.

Pro Tips To Avoid Jealousy:

1.  Invest Your Time In Activities That Bring Family Together

fun activities

Fun activities and especially laughter release oxytocin, a hormone that is released when a child is kissed or loved. Your child needs more of it in the growing stages and when you plan outings together they will find laughter from anywhere.

All you need to do is find time.

2.  Get A Child Portrait With Everyone In It

child portrait

When your child will see everyone in a painting that hangs on the living room wall he will naturally feel good and equally loved.

This won’t give him extra importance or less, it will tell him you are equally important.

You can get a child portrait or a baby portrait from here if you don’t have everyone in one image, they will merge as many characters you want in a painting from a photo of each character for free and ship anywhere in the world.

3.  Offer Lots Of Praise When He Shows A Positive Gesture Towards The Baby

When you see your child kissing or hugging the new family member you can reply with sentences like:

  • Oh sweetie, you are such a responsible elder sister!
  • Look at her being mature and protecting her younger brother so early!
  • You deserve a cookie honey for such good care of your brother.

This will create a good perception about caring for the baby and they might also help you with the chores of the new one.

4.  Avoid Comparisons

Comparisons are brutal and will depress your child especially when it is coming from you!

Don’t compare his math or any other skill, just ask him to compete with himself and be better than yesterday.

5.  Schedule One-On-One Time

spend time with family

One on one time with your child can be enjoyed when your baby is sleeping or is not crying and playing on his own.

Make the maximum of the one on one time by doing the following things:

  • Play a game that makes them laugh!
  • Read the stories with morals you need to imbibe in their minds.
  • Ask daddy to find time for the child and it would be best to play a game or just spend time when all of you are together.

Well, that was our take on Sibling Jealousy. I hope you have a lot to take from what we curated for you!


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