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Should Kids Wear Designer Gear?

Thanks to the rise of social media influencers online, a select group of teenagers are making a lot of money and are able to dress themselves in the latest designer fashions. This has the unfortunate repercussion of our children then clamouring after similar pieces. Should you let your children wear designer pieces? Here are some of the considerations you should make before buying.

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Why Do They Want It?

If this is new territory for you as a parent, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to open up a conversation about materialism. Though it is a big subject, there is plenty for you to discuss and impart on your child. While you might want your child to be fashionable and have a good sense of style, you probably don’t want them to end up being materialistic.

Talk to your child precisely about why they want the designer gear. If they want it “because this person has it”, you need to try to explain to them why this is not necessarily a good thing.

Will They Wear It?

Any designer piece is not cheap and you need to make sure that your child is actually going to get some use out of it. While you may be tempted to ask them to keep it only for good occasions, this can also mean that it sits in a box and never sees the light of day.

Most designer garments are very well-made. While a pair of designer trainers may not hold up during a game of football in the park, they will be fine for everyday use. If you know that your child will actually want to wear the item without mucking it up, you should definitely consider letting them have it as it will be used.

However, you also need to think of some of the limitations they may have. For example, even if they do not have a uniform at school, they may not be allowed to wear designer-branded items. This could limit the times your children are able to wear their pieces. Small considerations like this should weigh in on your decisions.

Could They Save Up for It Themselves?

If you aren’t convinced that your child wants the piece for the right reasons, challenge them to save up their money and buy it for themselves. This is a fairly reasonable challenge that will encourage them to think about their money for the next few months. If they have a part-time job, they might start putting more of their wages to one side so they can save up more quickly.

They may even want to take some extra jobs around the neighborhood to build up their cash, or even put their birthday or Christmas money to one side. Make it a lesson about saving money at the same time as teaching them about designer goods. This will help them to become a more careful spender as they are older. Teaching them the value of this when they are younger means they will be able to find the right balance between spending and saving as adults.

Can You Buy Genuine Goods?

When buying designer gear, it is incredibly important that you buy something that is real. Whether it is the latest pair of Fendi sneakers or a Chanel handbag, you need to make sure that you are committing to buying a real item and not a fake one. One of the easiest ways to do so is to buy direct from the brand themselves. However, this is not always an option and you may have to rely on an online store.

In this scenario, you need to make sure you find a legitimate store that stocks genuine designer goods. An online store like SSENSE is a great option as it can help you track down the piece you need and you can be certain that it is real. Never buy a deal that looks too good to be true; it mostly likely is a fake. Knowing how to spot a fake will always be useful too. If you know that your children are going to want more designer pieces in the future, take the time to learn what a fake piece looks like together. You can buy ladies handbags, purses at baginning.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to buy designer, you need to take extra precautions when considering if designer items are right for your children. Always discuss why they want a certain piece before you agree to buy it. You should also try to talk to them about ethical brands and the need to buy Fair trade or organic items where possible. With the right ethos in place, you should have a suave shopper of a child who is happy to invest in good designer pieces and more affordable clothes at the same time and for all the right reasons.


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