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Shoebacca What Shoes To Wear in Warm Weather

One of the best parts of the changing seasons is switching your shoe wardrobe for a chance to wear the latest styles. After a long winter of boots and loafers, spring and summer are here with a more casual approach to footwear to keep your tootsies cool as a cucumber in the warmer weather. Before you go shopping for ladies shoes online, you may want to consider these summer types to put some spring in your step.

Shoes To Wear in Warm Weather
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Stand Up for Sandals:

Sandals are incredibly versatile, making them an essential part of your warm-weather shoe collection. The options are endless, from comfortable, supportive Birkenstock sandals to dressy high-heeled sandals and everything in between. With so many styles and colors to choose from, how can you narrow down your selection to just one or two?

Flip Out for Flip-Flops:

Not quite a sandal, flip-flops, or thongs are their own thing, and while quite informal, they are not going anywhere in this comfort-craving society. Flip-flops can take you from the pool or beach to the mall, but be careful; too much time spent in flip-flops can do a number on your feet. If these shoes are your summer staple, opt for a style with arch support to prevent foot pain or give them and your feet a break with a different kind of shoe every so often.

Get on Board for Boat Shoes:

Deck shoes, also known as boat shoes, have been popular in the summertime for decades. Brands like Sperry boat shoes were beloved for sailing and yachting because you could put them on quickly, and their non-slip soles worked perfectly around the water. Nowadays, these classic preppy summer shoes can be yours in leather or canvas.

Take Off in Trainers:

Sneakers, trainers, tennis-shoes…whatever you call these fitness or athletic shoes, you probably have at least a few pairs in your shoe wardrobe. In the warmer months, trainers in light neutral, pure white, or summery pastel colors are a great footwear option. Lightweight fabrics such as mesh, canvas, or suede provide better circulation to keep your feet cool, and styles vary from activity-specific gear to casual athleisure wear that goes anywhere.

Ease Into Espadrilles:

These slip-on have a relaxed feel to them, almost like a summer slipper, you can wear in public. They typically have a rope or jute sole and a canvas upper, but from there, the possibilities are endless. Look for espadrilles in lots of colors and patterns as well as different heel heights from flats to wedges for a comfortable yet stylish look.

Fall in Love With Flats:

Flats shoes, including loafers and ballet slipper styles, can definitely go from spring to fall, but for a cute, closed-toe shoe for the warmer months, you can’t go wrong with this type of footwear. Do not limit yourself to a neutral shade or traditional round-toed shape; flats come in a vast array of styles to match any taste or need.

There you have it: a comprehensive look at the best summer shoe styles to wear when barefoot just won’t do. Treat yourself to a pedicure to go with your new summer kicks. Your feet can be looking their most fashionable throughout the warmer months.


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