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Seven Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

Let’s face it.  Despite the name, a bathroom is much more than a place to clean up.  It’s the room where we typically start and finish the day.  For better or worse, it sets a psychological tone.  That’s why it pays to pay attention to detail there.

How can you make your bathroom more inviting?  Here are six simple, inexpensive ideas that can make a world of difference in both your décor and your daily outlook:

  1. Introduce good lighting.  Nothing is worse that a dreary bathroom, but the problem is easy to avoid.  Invest in some quality fixtures.  In fact, make sure you have more than enough light.  It’s nice to know you can pump things up on days when the weather or your outlook is cloudy.
  2. Use a bright color of paint.  Interior painting is among the most affordable home improvements.  Spring for a gallon of paint and spend an afternoon brightening things up with a sunny shade of yellow or another uplifting color.  It will help put a smile on your face, day after day.
  3. Mirror your walls.  Make your bathroom seem bigger and brighter with mirrors. Start with a large — even over-sized — mirror over your vanity, but don’t stop there.  Think about incorporating smaller, decorative mirrors here and there to add even more depth and light to the space.
  4. Go soft with linens.  Create a spa-like environment by purchasing some extra-large, extra-plush towels.  Pile them up for a luxurious look.  Nothing says comfort like quality cotton.
  5. Bank on bathmats.  Likewise, quality bathmats can be used to define key areas in your bathroom – by the tub, shower, and in front of the sink.  They, too, impart a sense of luxury living.
  6. De-clutter the room.  A cluttered countertop is anything but inviting.  To avoid the problem, make sure you have sufficient cabinet space to hold your collection of toiletries and personal care items.  Then, do what most people don’t:  use them.   Likewise, keep the floor and other surfaces clear of clutter:  The room will look a lot better, and you’ll lower the risk of tripping, falling, or stubbing your toe.
  7. Include something quirky.  To make your bathroom extra-special, introduce an unexpected element, space permitting.  An antique dry-sink would do the trick, plus add extra storage (see previous tip).  Other possibilities include a chandelier, a piece of art, or even an ornate fireplace mantle.  There are no rules on this.  That’s how quirk works.

If your bathroom is in need of a makeover, implement just a few of these ideas and you’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.  Rather than dreading your time in the bathroom, you’ll look forward to it.

About The Author: Debbie Zimmer is editor-in-chief of the Paint Quality Institute blog. She’s a widely cited authority on color, use of paints in interior and exterior design, and decorative painting techniques. She can be found on Twitter as @PaintQualityIns.
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