TravelSeven life hacks for staying healthy on vacation

Seven life hacks for staying healthy on vacation

Seven life hacks for staying healthy on vacation – Whether you’re going to another state, or you’ve booked your annual trip to Paris, staying healthy on vacation with your children is really important. Here are seven tips to help you do this really easily.

staying healthy on vacation
Images by Alessandro Prada used under the Creative Commons license.

Seven life hacks for staying healthy on vacation

Bring snacks

As soon as you set foot in the airport, you will be surrounded by restaurants, vending machines and all sorts of tasty, yet totally unhealthy foods.

Resist the urge to buy sugary, fatty snacks by bringing your own. Great and healthy snack foods to take on the plane, or even in the car if you’re going on a road trip, include popcorn, trail mix, chopped vegetables (such as carrots and cucumber), and fruit.

Make time for your workouts

Yes, vacations are about relaxation, but you and the kids can kick back and relax after your work out. If your hotel has a gym, get up early and use it. For the kids, the pool is a great place to work off some excess energy and more importantly, have fun whilst keeping fit. In fact, they will be so busy having fun that they won’t realize that they’re exercising!

Don’t overindulge

Staying in another country is great for trying new foods, especially desserts and candy, just don’t go nuts. You can treat yourself every once in a while, but if you find yourself craving fatty food, fill up on fruit and other healthy foods at the breakfast buffet, as this will help you and your children not crave the bad stuff later on.

Avoid fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants are popular for two reasons; the food and the convenience. When you’re on vacation and you’re short on time, it’s so easy to just relent and head to a fast food restaurant.

However, besides being bad for you, by going to fast food restaurants, you’re robbing yourself and your family a chance to explore the local dishes, and embrace the culture of the place you’re staying. Go to local restaurants, which use local products, so you know that the ingredients haven’t traveled very far to get to your plate. Order grilled fish or meat with fresh salad, and start with soup and finish with a fruit dessert to stay in tip-top shape.

Don’t drink your calories

Cocktails are tasty, beautiful and very colorful. However, they are also full of sugar, and at around 700 calories per glass, they will add to your waistline. Instead of opting for a cocktail, opt for a lower-calories alternative, such as a white wine spritzer or a flavored vodka with a club soda.

Schedule physical activities

Just like scheduling a workout, make sure you have time for physical activities with your kids. This could be something as simple as going on a hike, visiting a water park, or going on an excursion. Hiking in the nearby natural parks and attractions is a great way to get a feel for your destination, and not only will this keep your healthy, it’ll also bring you closer together.

Walk everywhere

staying healthy on vacation

Images by Loren Kerns used under the Creative Commons license.

If you can walk to attractions at your destination, do it. Touring a city on foot will allow you to get a real feel for the geography of the city. This will also help keep you fit, and give you and your family to come across awesome local sites and attractions on trips to Paris that perhaps you would’ve missed if you had taken the bus or the Metro.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be able to relax a bit and you’ll be staying healthy on vacation, even if you give in to a flaky croissant or some delicious French brie!

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