ParentingMoms Need Self Care, Too. 3 Ways to Treat Yourself.

Moms Need Self Care, Too. 3 Ways to Treat Yourself.

Let’s face it, whether you consider being a mother a job or not, it’s hard work. Sometimes it never feels like you get any kind of break. Your kids always need something, or your significant other needs support, or your secular career is demanding, or there’s too many things to do around the home. Or all of those things at once! You need to slow down, too. And that’s okay. There’s no reason for you to be neglecting your own physical, mental, and emotional health. You need to be able to take care of yourself if you’re going to take care of others. Here are three ideas on how you can take a break and care for yourself.

1)  Mini Spa Day

Is a real spa day out of the budget right now? No worries! You can make yourself a makeshift one in your very own home. That would be way less expensive than going out to get everything done by professionals. You could start out with a bubble bath, or a luxurious bath bomb. Maybe continue by asking your significant other to give you a back massage. You could even invest in a foot bath, something that will pay for itself the more you use it.

2)  Read a Book

“I don’t have time to read a book!” I can hear you saying. Did you know that there are books that are only about 100 pages long that you could read in no time? Not only are short stories and novellas fantastic, but you can sit down and read 10 pages a day, and get through those books in a little over a week. It would be a nice break in the middle of the day, and way more productive than turning on a television show of some kind.

3)  Go Out With Your Girls

Trying to take care of your family, and your job if you’re a working mom, can make it easy to neglect our friends. So why not take a day and just go out with a few of your very best friends! It’ll be a nice break for you, and a nice break for them. You can go out to dinner, or see a cheap movie, or even just take a hike through the woods. Not only is hiking or taking a walk through the forest trails a cheap option, but it’s also been scientifically proven that nature makes you feel better. It’s a win all around.

It can be easy to forget to take care of yourself and to just slow down every once in a while. Becoming wrapped up in day to day life, and in the lives of other people, can be way too easy to do. But you need to remember to take a break sometimes. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little bit of time for yourself. In fact, it’s healthy to take a few minutes for yourself. So treat yourself a little bit, mom. You’ve definitely earned it.

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