ParentingThe Importance Of Seeing A Doctor During Your Pregnancy

The Importance Of Seeing A Doctor During Your Pregnancy

Have you recently found out you’re pregnant? No matter what you choose to do from this point on, it is a time of significant change for your body. It’s critical to seek out a doctor and receive care throughout the term of your pregnancy. If you don’t have a doctor already, search your local community to find women’s clinics in Illinois. Read on to learn about why you need to see a doctor who can monitor your health during this time.


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You May Experience Morning Sickness Soon After Conception

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting. If you are in the first stages of your pregnancy and are still deciding what to do, you need to be prepared for these feelings. For some women, sickness doesn’t just hit during the morning. It is an all-day-long discomfort that makes it challenging to consume enough food for energy. Some women report an improvement by eating a few bland crackers before getting out of bed. Others find that snacking throughout the day instead of eating big meals helps keep the stomach settled.

If you do experience vomiting, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Not only do you need to replenish the fluid you’re losing, but your body is also in need of an increased supply, so you need to drink more than usual. It’s essential to see a doctor during this time because they can monitor your weight to make sure you aren’t losing too much. They ensure you’re not dehydrated. They are also able to prescribe medication to help these symptoms subside.

Your Blood Pressure Increases During Pregnancy

If your blood pressure is high or borderline before pregnancy, the increased stress and fluid in your body may push those numbers higher. Consistently visiting a doctor is key to managing your blood pressure. They can keep track of any changes and prescribe medication or lifestyle changes as necessary. High blood pressure during pregnancy is a risk for both mom and baby. It can lead to gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or even placental abruption. If left unmanaged, you put the baby at risk of preterm delivery or death.

It’s Not Uncommon To Experience Urinary Tract Infections

Your body is experiencing many changes, including increased pressure on your blader, during pregnancy. These changes can contribute to a UTI, an infection in your urinary system. This can cause back pain, smelly or cloudy looking urine, fever and pain when you go to the bathroom. If you have any of these symptoms, it’s imperative to reach out to your doctor right away. These infections usually need to be treated with antibiotics quickly, so they don’t get worse. Leaving the condition untreated not only makes you feel awful, but it puts the baby at risk of complications from the infection.

Getting proper medical care early in your pregnancy is vital to your health. Even if you aren’t sure if you are keeping the baby, you need to see a doctor for your health safety. It’s never too late to start seeing a doctor, so schedule an appointment to ensure you keep yourself in good health.


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