EntertainmentSecret of the Wings: Tink's Winter Activities

Secret of the Wings: Tink’s Winter Activities

Tomorrow is a very special day for Tinkerbell fans! The Secret of the Wings, starring Tinkerbell herself  flutters into stores tomorrow for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s a quick rundown of the synopsis if you’re not familiar with it:

Tinker Bell and her friends embarks on a new adventure into the never-before-seen mysterious Winter Woods, where Tink finds out that she has a sister and discovers other incredible secrets that will change her life forever in SECRET OF THE WINGS, releasing Tuesday October 23rd on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

Rosetta’s Top Winter Tips

  • If you want to plant something now, why not plant lilies? These bulbs can also be grown in pots. When they flower, their white petals will remind you of winter.
  • You can also plant roses during winter!
  • Remember that evergreen plant you nurtured during the spring? Now it has grown and helps make your gardenlook green, fresh and alive—even on those damp winter days!
  • Don’t become disheartened ifnothing is growing in your little garden. Do as Rosetta does and look ahead to see what you can plant for the following spring.



  • Most animals will hide away in the warmth during the cold winter months, but some animals that live in particularly cold climates (far away from us), have no choice but to find other ways of keeping themselves warm.
  • The arctic fox, native to arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, has very thick white fur which keeps them warm and camouflages into their surroundings. They even have small ears to minimalize heat loss!
  • The world’s largest land carnivores, polar bears, also live in the Arctic.  The texture of their plush white fur absorbsthe sunlight for warmth, and their paws have rough surfaces to help preventthem from slipping on the ice.
  • Emperor Penguins live on the opposite side of the world than polar bears—in Antarctica. They are the largest of their species, and they cleverly keep warm by huddling together very close. These penguins take turns rotating through the giant huddle so that each one gets a chance to be in the warm center.

Whatever the time of year, you will always find different kinds of wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled with the changing of the seasons, who knows what you might spot!


Not only is this the season to be jolly, but the time to enjoy the crisp winter mornings and, if you’re lucky … snow! Did you know that no two snowflakes are the same?

  • Snowflakes fall at an average of 3.1 miles per hour, taking their time to flow through the sky and settle gently onto the ground
  • Ten inches of snow melts down to just one inch of water.
  • Don’t complain next time it’s too chilly. The coldest temperature ever recorded was minus 128 degrees in Antarctica in 1983! That’s even too cold for Periwinkle and her winter friends! So if you decide to go outside, make sure you remember to bundle up like Tink does in “Secret of the Wings.”

Download Activities!


In Disney’s “Secret of the Wings,” Tinker Bell ventures to the mysterious Winter Woods where she discovers she has a sister, Periwinkle—a sparkling new winter fairy!  Together they have plenty of fun, as Periwinkle and the other Winter Fairies show Tink all the excitement to be had in wintertime.

MAKE A SNOWFAIRYWhen the snow on the ground is thick or powdery, lie flat on your back with your arms and legs drawn tightly into your body.Then move your arms in and out as if you are flapping your wings. Do the same with your legs! Stand and admire your work. Does the shape you’ve left behind look a bit like a fairy?

CATCH SNOWFLAKES ON YOUR TONGUEHave you ever felt snow on your tongue? Wait until the snow is falling heavily, lift yourface to the sky and stick out your tongue! The frosty snow will make it tingly!

HOW TO HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT!With a grown-up, scoop up a handful of clean, powdery snow and roll it into a ball no bigger than the size of a tennis ball. Then, once it’s rolled, throw it at your opponent! Remember to only do this with snow that is dusty and powdery, and never aim your snowball at anyone’s head! Make sure you wear mittens or gloves to keep your hands warm!

GO SLEDDINGWith a grown-up, find a gentle slope and position your sled heading downhill. Sit down and hold tight. On the count of three push yourself off! You’ll be whizzing and whirring until you reach the bottom. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a sled, you can use a flat sheet of cardboard! 

BUILD A SNOWFAIRY You may have built a snowman before, but have you ever built a snowfairy? Have a go at making your own winter fairy like Periwinkle. Layer the snow to build the body, and finally add another snowy mound for her head.

With your parents ok, use silver spray paint to decorate her hair. Wait until the sun shines on your new friend and you’ll see how she magically sparkles and shimmers! Don’t forget to add wings you might make from some fallen tree branches and leaves!
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