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Seasonal Decorating Ideas to Transform Your Home

No matter the season or holiday, the opportunity to transform your home can help freshen up its look. But there is a fine line between reconfiguring your dwellings décor and turning your house into a distasteful display. The following are tips on how to decorate your home each season while staying true to your own personal style.

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Start With a Neutral Canvas

The holidays are a time where families focus on finding the perfect gifts for loved ones and decorating their homes. With billions of dollars spent on flowers, trees, lights and other ornamentation, it’s easy for many to express their exuberance of the season by going over the top. But there are ways you can show your love and make your home look elegant. Instead of painting your dwelling in garish colors, shoot for a neutral canvas. When you paint walls in hues of soft beige or other lighter tones, you can incorporate brilliant colors with seasonal decorating. For fall, burnt orange foliage, pumpkins and cranberry colored wreaths are beautiful accent pieces for a home. During the spring aim for pastel wreaths and bouquets of tulips, irises and daffodils.

Find Items That Reflect Your Personal Style

The project of decorating your home seasonally throughout the year can be fun, especially around certain prominent holidays. Instead of going with decorations that are common, choose items that reflect your own personal style. Antique Farmhouse is your source for farmhouse décor, so you can reconfigure your dwelling to complement any season of the year. If you’re looking for understated elegance during Christmas, boxwood or cottonwood wreaths are solid investments that can enhance your home’s current décor. During the summer months, you can express your love for the country you live in by meshing together pieces of rustic Americana and vintage farmhouse decor.

Add Simple Elements of the Season

Although you may be tempted to transform your entire home to reflect the holidays, simple accent pieces such as decorative pillows and throws prove the most stylish for the various seasons. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on decorations, you can purchase seasonal pillow covers and change them out throughout the year. For spring, go with a rabbit design. A subtle holiday tree or poinsettia décor is ideal for Christmas and New Year’s. In the summer, choose patriotic or sun flower emblems. You can also vary the textures to match the season. You want your home to be warm and inviting during the winter. Look for heavier materials that are warm and fuzzy. You can lighten up your home’s look in summer with lighter textures such as cotton and linen.

Bring the Outdoors Inside Your Home

Every season has its own unique beauty and charm. You can bring the outdoors into your home by showcasing certain elements of Mother Nature. In the winter, place some pinecones in a decorative bowl and place on a coffee table or use as a festive centerpiece. Snip evergreen branches and place in a vase. Add bows, sprigs of holly and ornaments for a burst of color. If you have hydrangea or peony bushes in your yard this summer, pick a huge bouquet and display nature’s bounty around your home.
If you have boxes and boxes of decorations to put away at the end of every season, you may be walking the fine line between tasteful and tacky. Whether you’re getting ready to purchase seasonal items or you’re selecting décor from your attic or basement, find the things that fit in with your home and reflects your one-of-a-kind style.


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