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Saving Space in Kid’s Bedrooms with a Mid Sleeper Bed

One of the most effective ways to increase space in a kid’s bedroom is to invest in a raised bed, also know as a mid sleeper bed. But before you do, consider the following points to make sure you pick the perfect one.

Mid sleeper beds are quite different from bunk beds, which have to be higher off the ground to accommodate both beds. This means that mid sleeper beds are suitable for younger kids, even as young as six. The space made available underneath is incredibly versatile. You can install a desk and chair to make a study or homework space, or even an extra play area, complete with curtains to make it feel like a secret den!

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Companies like Charlies Bedroom stock Julian Bowen Mid sleeper Beds, who reduce hassle by offering packages, meaning extras like pull-out desks and play tent come with the frame. An extra bonus is that every bed in the range comes will free delivery, sometimes even next day, meaning much-needed space could be just a couple of days away!

If you have slightly older kids who have outgrown the need for a play den, or would rather do their homework at a stand-alone desk, mid sleeper beds are also available for a more discerning teen! Choosing one in a color like cream or white means it will continue to suit a room no matter what decoration changes the room may go through as time progresses. For older kids, utilize the space by installing specially sized drawers, shelves and cupboard, all of which will come in a matching shade.

If the room you’ll be installing the bed in is a bit of a funny shape, it’s important to make sure that you and the kids will actually be able to access all of the features. A cupboard blocked by a wall isn’t much use to anyone, aside from Christmas decorations perhaps! Ensure you have decided where you will put the bed in advance, and also decide which side of the bed you’ll have the ladder on- left or right- as for some frames, they can only be fitted in one place.

On the topic of ladders, consider what style will suit your kids. For older and more nimble nippers, conventional ladder bars will be fine. But what about younger kids, or those still finding their confidence when it comes to transitioning from a traditional bed to a mid sleeper? In this case, choose a ladder that offers wide, chunkier steps, so there is more surface area for little feet.

On the other end of the scale, kids in their early teens can scrap the ladder all together, and fitted shelving can double as steps in and out of bed instead.
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