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Save Green By Going Green

Oftentimes when people think about going green they hesitate because they believe that it is costly to be environmentally friendly. Fortunately, that is far from the truth. Going green does not have to be expensive.

Naturally, there are some changes that are more costly to make than others, but often the small changes are equally as important. In fact, there are dozens upon dozens of small changes you can make in your everyday life that will not only make you more green, but they can save you green at the same time.

Green Shopping Tips

When you are shopping there are many small changes you can make that will help you save money and go green at the same time. For instances, you can buy your products in bulk. Buying in bulk saves both money and packaging. Less packaging means less waste. You can also invest in reusable shopping bags. They are more durable than plastic shopping bags and many stores offer a discount on your bill for bringing your own bags.

When buying non-grocery items like clothing, electronics and decor you also have plenty of opportunities to go green and save money. First and foremost, when possible rent or borrow any items that you won’t use continually. This would include power tools and other repair equipment. When you do buy clothes, tools and electronics, buy high-quality items that will stand the test of time. The less often you have to replace things the less waste in landfills and the less money spent long-term. Additionally, donate items that still work to charity and items that don’t work should be properly recycled.

When it comes to shopping for clothes you have many instance for which you can go green and save money. First and foremost, look at second hand shops and consignment shops for used clothing. Buying used ensures less clothing in landfills and less waste. You can also buy new clothing from manufacturers that make their clothing from repurposed recycled fabric. Finally, when you buy clothes seek out pieces that will not require dry cleaning. Not only will you save money on your dry cleaning bill, but you won’t be contributing to the toxic chemical use in that industry.

Reduce Resource Consumption

One of the easiest ways to go green and save money is to reduce your resource consumption. This means using less energy and less water. If you use less energy and less water your utility bills will decrease and your bank account will increase. What’s more is that many of the green changes to save resources cost little to money at all.

To save money and energy the first thing you can do is replace all your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Next, you can use energy consuming appliances less often. For instance, when the weather permits you can dry your clothes outside. Plus, you can wash clothing in cold water when possible. In addition to these things, you can also go green and save money by turning off and unplugging appliances that are not in use.

Water is one of our planet’s most precious resources, and you can conserve thousands of gallons of it easily in a few simple steps. Install low-flow shower-heads in the bathrooms in your home. Turn off the water when you are brushing your teeth. Only wash dishes and laundry when you have full loads. Finally, collect rain water in a store bought or homemade rain barrel and use it for watering your garden and lawn, along with other exterior watering tasks.

Article written by: Jessica Fuqua, Founder of MomFuse.com.


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