LifestyleRock the PTA: Fundraising Ideas for your Kids Extracurriculars

Rock the PTA: Fundraising Ideas for your Kids Extracurriculars

As members of the PTA, we believe in the importance of helping every kid fill their potential. The PTA is all about collaborating to improve our children’s health, well-being and education and there are lots of ways we can do this.

We’re always there when the school needs us, arranging after-school clubs, school trips and book fairs, providing new equipment and sports uniforms – you name it, we do it. But as you’re all aware, these things cost a lot of money.

That’s where we come in again. Another important duty of the PTA is fundraising, getting together the money to make sure all these extra-curricular activities can happen.

So, here are some great fundraising ideas to help come up with the all important cash to make sure our kids are getting the best out of their school days – and maybe even have enough left over for charity.

Get Sponsored

Sponsorship is a favorite because you can get it for almost anything you can think of, from crazy ideas like dying your hair pink to the more traditional sponsored sports events. Think outside the box and get the kids involved. Something like a sponsored litter pickup event has dual benefits – kind of like the teachers’ favorite sponsored silence. Remember to wear rubber gloves!

Get Involved

Holding a fun event and charging entrance or participation fees is a popular and entertaining way of making cash. Hosting a Battle of the Bands lets your kids show off their skills and is brilliant for their confidence. Getting parents or teachers onstage as a tribute band is also bound to inspire a few extra donations (just don’t forget your earplugs!).

Non-uniform days are old news. Try something a little more exciting like fancy dress day, wear your clothes backwards day, or even school uniform for teachers.

Get Selling

Bake sales are a brilliant way to raise a little extra money for your kids’ school, but they’ve certainly been done before. If you want to make some serious money, why not approach local businesses and shops for donations and hold an auction or tricky? If this proves too difficult, then you could always auction favors – things like dog walking, babysitting or gardening always get people bidding!

Everybody saw ‘Calendar Girls’ right? No, I am certainly not suggesting you forget your modesty for charity, but how about something a little less risqué? Putting together a calendar of kids’ artwork is simpler than you might have thought, or maybe even a cook book of parents’ favorite recipes. Something like this is a fantastic project to do with the kids, which is an added bonus.

Getting kids involved in fundraising teaches them a lot of important things such as responsibility, empathy and prioritizing, and allows them to socialize in a stress-free environment.

And Remember

Publicize your event! You don’t want to go to all of the effort of organizing something and have no one turn up! Make posters, put it in the school newsletter and even think about contacting the local media.

Do all of this and your school band will be marching proud in brand new uniforms in no time at all!

Adria Saracino is a marketer and blogger. When not consulting on business strategy, you can find her devising cool ways to raise money for her niece’s co-op preschool group.
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