ReviewsRevolution Foods:Healthy Choices For Your Kids' Lunchbox

Revolution Foods:Healthy Choices For Your Kids’ Lunchbox

revapprovedSince my daughter is not a picky eater, it’s up to me to be a picky shopper. If I don’t keep my kitchen stocked with healthy choices, then convenience will win and I as a parent will fail. Catch my drift?

When a company chooses to print “We believe that all kids deserve healthy, delicious food” on their packages instead of the latest cartoon mascot…they get my attention. This is where my love affair with Revolution Foods began.

Revolution Foods offers a full line of healthy, organic, natural and tasty snacks for kids. My favorites are the Mashups and the Jammy Sammy’s. Why? Let me explain.

Mashups –  Little portable pouches of fruity goodness. Each serving (one pouch) of Mashups has less than 60 calories, contains only organic ingredients, and is conveniently packaged for on-the-go. The flavors available are Berry, Grape and Tropical. Need a visual? Think flavored applesauce in a Capri Sun drink pouch. The consistency is a little smoother than your average applesauce, but the taste is a lot more exciting. My daughter’s personal favorite was the grape, for some reason she insists that they are juice pouches, but does is make a difference? She loved them, I loved them, we all go to bed a little happier.

Jammy Sammy’s  – These organic “snack size sandwich bars” were our second favorite. They come in 3 varieties as well, Strawberry Jam & Peanut Butter*, Grape Jelly & Peanut Butter and Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal. Each perfectly portioned bar has less than 100 calories, again..they only contain organic ingredients and are made from 100% whole grains. My favorite thing about the Jammy Sammy’s is the portability. My daughter is still a small little thing and doesn’t eat much at one sitting, so for the days we were running around during lunchtime, the Jammy Sammy’s were perfect to give her on-the-go along with a fruit and some milk. Again..she’s happy, I’m happy, and now we’ve even made Alejandro at the car wash happy because there are no more Cheerios and Goldfish to vacuum up in my back seat! *Revolution Foods products containing peanut butter were not effected by the PB recall

Noshable Mentions

Organic Popalongs – The Popalongs were my personal favorite and I selfishly ate them all before my poor daughter had a chance to say “Mine!”. These whole grain snacks are just like the usually bland and boring rice cake snacks you find at the supermarket, except they have a lot of flavor. My favorite was the Cheesy Cheese and they also come in Purely Original and Simply Cinnamon (which I didn’t try, but can’t wait!). Each serving only has 3g of fat and they all contain 100 calories or less. As I mentioned once before in my Plum Organics review, I think eating all these kid-friendly foods can help me shed a few pounds as well, I’m working on that theory. And while my family doesn’t have any wheat allergies, the Popalongs are all wheat free if you’re concerned about that.

Also available from Revolution Foods, which can be found at your local Whole Foods, are organic fruit snacks including raisins and applesauce cups, 2 varieties of organic peanut butter and organic jam & jelly.
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The Revolution Foods Mission

“We believe that all children deserve access to healthy, wholesome foods where they need it the most – in their schools. Our organic lunchbox snacks and sandwich builders make it easy to nourish your kids with yummy, balanced nutrition. And when you purchase our products, you’re helping us nourish even more kids through our School Lunch Program, making every bite matter for all kids.”

“3% of the net revenues from your purchase of our products goes to our School Lunch Program, helping us feed even more kids in underserved schools.”

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Psst…I heard it through the organic grapevine that Mom Fuse will be giving away an uber fantastic Revolution Foods Lunchbox Kit within the next week or stay tuned!


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