ReviewsReview: The Vision Board - The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Review: The Vision Board – The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Another great review (and giveaway) from Kristy @ Mommy in Pink! Kristy had the opportunity to read The Vision Board by Joyce Schwarz this week. I don’t know how Kristy finds the time to keep her blog updated daily, but I’m sure glad she does. Come check out Kristy’s site for a chance to win your very own copy of The Vision Board –  Mommy in Pink.

About the Author

Joyce Schwarz is an author, a producer, and a Hollywood and VIP coach and dealmaker. She is also a social entrepreneur and founder of the Center for Successful Recareering. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she lives and works in Marina Del Rey, California.

Schwarz was one of the early women pioneers in multimedia and new media and has successfully launched more than 75 venture-funded start-up companies. She is an internationally recognized speaker, corporate advisor, and futurist. She combines more than 20 years in advertising for major agencies such as Foote Cone & Belding with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio University and a master’s degree in film from USC. She did MBA studies at the University of San Francisco.

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The Review

I recently came across a book called The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life. This beautifully crafted book was offers a step-by-step guide to discover who you are and what you want most out of your life! Joyce Schwarz, the author of this inspirational book begins by walking you through the process of visioning and drawing on her own experience and offers up her own spin on things called GRABS, which stands for….

G: Gratitude
R: Release & Receive
A: Acknowledge & Ask
B: Be & Believe
S: Share

With the GRABS concept, she encourages readers to take a “quantum leap” so to speak in their lives and realize their visions or dreams! With careful instruction, she gives you examples on how to craft your very own Vision Board and shares not only her real life experiences, but also shares others experiences as well in their journey to realizing their dreams!

I was up all night crafting my own vision board, when I probably should have been sleeping and I tore through all my old magazines and pasted pictures and words in a nice little collage. It looked more like a random mess when I was finished, but it’s a nice reminder of what I aspire to be on a daily basis. I naturally gravitate towards all things related to mind/body/health and my vision board consisted of the following…

  • Pictures of people who in my opinion looked like they had reached a high level of fitness
  • The words Achieve, Wellness, Happiness, Live, Succeed, Skinny, Healthy
  • Pictures of Vitamins and Fruit such as Oranges, Apples, Pineapple
  • Pictures of Dumbbells
  • A picture of skinny jeans
  • Pictures of gym shoes
  • Beaches
  • Pictures of Sexy Bikinis that I want to fit in by next summer

And at the bottom of my Vision Board in fine print I wrote the following:
You can and you will lose the baby weight! You will live a life of good health, happiness and good fortune! If you stay determined, you will succeed. Here’s to a new Healthy Way of life!
I put this vision board on my fridge today for a daily reminder to make healthy choices and reach my goals in fitness!
This book is truly an inspirational read and can be very useful in your business as well as your personal life. I am going to buy a copy for my mother for Christmas, she currently owns two different businesses and and I think she can truly benefit from creating a Vision Board for each of her companies this year! It’s a nice way to create camaraderie among co-workers too by setting up a Visioning Session, in which every employee can bring something to the table by writing down goals, themes, ideas, etc! What a great gift to give to someone in need of a life change or anyone really who has goals, dreams or aspirations in life! We all have dreams we’d like to fulfill, and with the help of this book, we can do just that!

To purchase a copy of the The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life, go


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