ReviewsReview: Tappening

Review: Tappening

This review was written by Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Donielle from Raising Peanuts. Find more honest product reviews and plenty of laughs at Raising Peanuts.

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Review: What’s Tappening by Donielle Baker

I used to be a big fan of bottled water. But I was also cheap. So I’d buy one bottle and refill it over and over again. But really, there were 2 problems with that. For one, I was buying plastic bottles that may or may not leach toxins into my water. Number two, I was still buying multiple bottles of water. Expensive not only to me, but uses energy to create and then takes up space in the landfill.

Enter Tappening.

This company has great facts on not only bottled water but also on the tap water that comes right out of our faucets. I love the fact that a company out there is trying to combat the issue of all these wasted plastic water bottles. I mean really….why are we spending money and resources shipping water all over the country when we have our own water at home? When you really think about it, it does seem rather silly.

They also sent me one of their BPA free water bottles to try out.

While this water bottle may look like others you’ve seen in the store, the main difference is that it has no BPA (an endocrine disruptor) in it. After using it for a few days around the house, we took it in the car with us for our afternoon out. By the end of the day my husband actually commented on how the water never tasted funny. He’s so used to his water tasting like plastic from his water bottles at work, that he noticed such a big improvement over the taste of our own tap water!

Personally I love water bottles. I tend to drink so much more when I have a full one sitting around while I’m at home. It’s also holds 32oz, so I’m not running to the kitchen to refill it every couple hours. We love having this bottle around the house, and my husband and I are actually playing tug of war with it trying to decide who gets to claim it as “theirs”. So far I’m winning in the aspect that I’ve been able to hide it in the mornings so he doesn’t take it to work with him!

– Donielle @ Raising Peanuts

What’s really Tappening?

The ‘Tappening‘ campaign has been instrumental in helping forge a national movement that encourages people to make tap their water of choice, whenever possible.  The campaign (which Adweek has called “a form of business philanthropy.founded to right a perceived wrong”) and its website– –both launched only last November, have served to educate the public about the wastefulness, excessive cost, and pollution of the Earth caused by the bottled water industry.

In an effort to self-finance the campaign, the Tappening founders–Eric Yaverbaum and Mark DiMassimo–introduced their own line of reusable water bottles.  To their surprise, the Tappening bottles became trendy practically overnight.  Their entire initial inventory of 39,000 plastic reusable bottles sold out in 36 hours after launch of the website!  To date, over 300,000 Tappening bottles have been sold.

In July, the group added the duffle-type Tappening bag to their online shop, made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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