ReviewsReview: Swedish Designs Skillet Rack

Review: Swedish Designs Skillet Rack

Here’s what Janet from Grammy Janet’s Place had to say about Swedish Designs….

Swedish Designs Skillet Rack Beech Review

I was given the opportunity to review Swedish Designs Horizontal Skillet Rack Beech from Mom Fuse.

Swedish Designs Introduction from their site:

Swedish Designs presents a line of unique designer cookware racks that will give your kitchen stunning decor impact using your high quality cookware. All of our products are made from solid light maple and beech hardwoods by craftsmen in Pennsylvania and Indiana.

The very high quality cookware brands including, Le Creuset, Mauveil, Ruffoni, Bourgeat, Calphalon, All Clad, and others all look stunning in the kitchen with our designer racks.

Our products offer:

  • Protection – Our racks keep your cookware pieces separated to prevent scratching, chipping, or other damage.
  • Convenience – With our racks your cookware items are easy to reach without any unstacking of other pieces.
  • Display – Now you have the option of displaying your fine cookware in a designer setting.
  • The best way that I can describe the Swedish Designs Horizontal Skillet Rack Beech is by saying, it is a beautiful functional piece of art for your kitchen. The simple smooth lines and expert workmanship made an impression on me.

    I was looking forward to this review because I store my skillets, nested all together in one of my bottom cabinets. I try to remove and store them carefully to prevent scratching and damage from bumping but most of the time I am in a hurry and I just pull them out.

    The Swedish Designs Horizontal Skillet Rack solves this problem because each skillet is held apart from the others, eliminating the damage that may occur.

    All of my skillets fit perfectly into the rack, even the large 13″ one. At first I thought it would be too big , but it was a perfect fit.

    The light Beech Wood matches the light oak trim on my cabinets. I put the Swedish Designs Horizontal Skillet Rack in one of my bottom cabinets, it fit perfectly and I still had room on top and around the rack. I then put it on top of my counter and it looked so good with my skillets nestled in it, that I decided to keep it there.

    I have a medium sized kitchen and I am always thinking of ways that I can better organize it. Organizing my skillets in the Swedish Designs Horizontal Skillet Rack protects them, beautifies my kitchen, gives me more room in my cabinets, and because I don’t have to hunt for the perfect size skillet, it saves me time.

    Swedish Designs live up to their philosophy —-High quality materials, efficient use of materials, simple stylish lines,minimal ornamentation, and an appreciation of the item itself—.

    The Horizontal Skillet Rack, will hold 4 skillets in a layered style, including a large 13″ skillet.
    It is available in Beech or Maple hardwood. The price is $62.

    You can also choose the Vertical Skillet Rack in Beech or Maple with the same function and price.

    I would recommend the Swedish Designs Horizontal Skillet Rack for everyone who has made an investment in high quality cookware or as a beautiful unique gift for a special occasion such as a bridal shower or wedding.

    These fine cookware racks are available on their website at Swedish Designs., where you will also find Creative Pot Racks and Pot Racks.

    – Janet F. @ Grammy Janet’s Place

    Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse



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