ReviewsReview: Screen Dreams - TV Screensavers on DVD

Review: Screen Dreams – TV Screensavers on DVD

Written by Mom Fuse “Mommy Reviewer” Janet from Grammy Janet’s Place.

The Review

Screen Dreams: TV screensavers on DVD Review

I received Living Aquarium, Vol. 2 DVD Screensaver and Living Earth DVD Screensaver to review from Mom Fuse.About Screen Dreams: TV screensavers on DVD from the Screen Dreams site:

For many of us, television has become the focal point in our homes. It’s where we get most of our information and entertainment. And where we gather to relax. But when a TV is turned off, all we’re left with is a big black void, which isn’t very attractive at all. Some people solve this by hiding their TV in a big armoire or cabinet. Some just grin and bear it. But in a world where more and more TVs are hung like art on a wall, it’s never been more difficult to accept.

Until now.

At Screen Dreams, we’ve created a beautiful alternative to the big black void and it actually showcases — not hides — your TV. In the clever spirit of computer screensavers, we’ve developed DVD Screensavers that you can play on your TV. Like a picture that lives and breathes or a window to another place and time, Screen Dreams makes your world a more beautiful place. Just pop one in your DVD player, press play, and instantly transform your TV into something aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. It’s ideal for entertaining or everyday enjoyment because it loops continuously. Until you press stop of course.

The rich, captivating imagery and soothing soundtracks of our DVD Screensavers showcase a variety of dramatic and inspiring themes — from exotic beaches and underwater worlds to cascading waterfalls and butterfly fields. And more are always in development, so be sure to bookmark our site and check back often.

Screendreams. Don’t just watch your TV. Live with it.


* Easy-to-Use
* Continuous Play
* NTSC Format Only
* Dolby Digital Audio
* Natural Sound Effects
* Soothing Soundtracks
* Vivid Picture Resolution
* A Great Sleep Aid
* Realistic Animated Video
* 3 Scenes on Every DVD
* 93 Minutes of Content on this DVD
* Play Music, Sound Effects, Both, or Neither
* Designed to Reduce the Possibility of Screen Burn
* A Vibrant Alternative to a Turned off TV
* Play Any Scene Individually or All 3 Together

DVD Screensavers

* Living Holidays
* Living Earth
* Living Aquarium Vol. 2
* Living Fireplace
* Living Beaches
* Living Butterflies
* Living Aquarium
* Living Waterfalls

Watch a preview of each one here.

Living Aquarium, Vol. 2 DVD Screensaver and Living Earth DVD Screensaver transformed my blank television screen into beautiful real life images of vibrant living aquariums and peaceful nature sceenscapes.

Th first one that I watched with my family was Living Aquarium Vol. 2 DVD Screensaver. The beautiful, colorful exotic fish and vibrant marine life gave us a glimpse into the world of real life aquariums.

We all felt an immediate peaceful, calming effect. My eldest son said, “Mom this feels so good just to sit and relax and watch this.” My other son and I agreed with him, and I thought what a wonderful way to share some family time together.

Living Aquarium, Vol. 2 DVD Screensaver has 12 scenes to choose from or you can play all.

You have your choice of realistic bubble sounds or music. The choice of music includes, Acoustic Guitar, Ambient, Bossa Nova, New Age, Easy Listening, and Piano Melody.
You can also play it without music or sound effects.
I loved the bubble sounds.

The images of mountains, lakes, deserts,and rainforests, on the Living Earth DVD Screensaver are beautiful works of art that I truly enjoyed watching. I felt completely stress free, a calmness that I have not felt in a long time.

Living Earth DVD Screensaver has 42 total scenescapes. The choice of music includes Guitar, Orchestral, and Chamber. You can also choose none, if you want to watch without music.

Screen Dreams DVD Screensavers are easy to use, and provide a beautiful and relaxing viewing experience with natural sound effects and soothing music that everyone can enjoy as much as I did.They are perfect for meditation, and as a sleep aid.

You can enjoy these in your home, or office, take them with you when you go on vacation, or give them to someone as a unique gift.

Screen Dreams has a special offer if you any combination of DVD’s you get money off!

Buy Any 2 – Get $4 Off
Buy Any 3- Get $9 Off
Buy Any 4 – Get $16 Off
Buy Any 5 or More – Get $25 Off

For U.S. orders only they offer Free Shipping with every order.

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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