ReviewsReview: Mud Puppy

Review: Mud Puppy

This review for Mud Puppy was written by “Mommy Reviewer” Jill @ The Mom Scoop! For more info on Jill, please visit!

About Mud Puppy

Give the children in your life beautifully designed toys and gifts from Mudpuppy. Puzzles, educational games, specialty journals, plush characters, and more! At Mud Puppy you can shop by artist, theme, collection or even by the specific awards a product has received. Galison, the parent company of Mud Puppy, works closely with museums, non-profit organizations, small business owners and emerging artists to always produce innovative and educational ideas. If you are an artists, you are welcome to submit your work for consideration – Submission Details

The Review

I was fortunate to receive not one, but two awesome products recently from Mudpuppy. A division of Galison, known for its quality paper products found in museum stores, Mudpuppy offers puzzles, educational toys, stationary, and more for children. The first product I received was the Animal ABCs Ring Flash Card Set. And, this set has quickly become a favorite in our house of both my son and me. These flashcards are colorful and sturdy. Each card contains a letter paired with an animal. On the back each letter is shown as an upper- and lowercase letter, and there is a list of three additional words that start with the corresponding letter. But, the very best part of the set is that all of the cards are on a ring! No more cards scattered all over the house! My two year old and I have played with this ring several times, and it is perfect for his age! He can easily flip each card over, and has managed to learn all of the animals on the cards, including “newt” and “iguana”! We’re still working on the letters, but are looking forward to years of playing with this unique set!

The second item I received from Mudpuppy was the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar. And, once again, I was so impressed with the quality of this item, along with the age appropriateness for my two year old. I grew up with an advent calendar in our house, and it was one of our favorite holiday activities, so I have been on the lookout for an advent calendar that my family could enjoy just as much. And, I must admit that Mudpuppy’s Christmas Tree Advent Calendar has been the perfect addition to our family. The calendar consists of reusable ornament stickers that you start off by putting on the numbered holiday squares at the bottom of calendar. My two year old and I had so much fun picking out which of the stickers we wanted to use, and he had complete ownership as I let him decide where he wanted to put them. Then, each day of the month, one ornament sticker is moved to the tree, until the tree is decorated, and on December 24, a large angel is placed at the top of tree. The calendar comes with a ribbon, so that it can be easily be hung up. We have hung ours from our fireplace mantel, and have looked forward to moving the sticker everyday! Because the stickers are reusable, a new scene can be created each year!



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