ReviewsReview: Mayfair Lane's Happeez

Review: Mayfair Lane’s Happeez

“Take A Walk Down Mayfair Lane”

When I was approached about providing a product review for Mayfair Lane’s newest product line, Happeez, I jumped at the chance as soon as I saw the fun and functional goodies they offer. I visited the Mayfair Lane website several times after I was notified of my upcoming review to see the goodies I may be reviewing.  They offer a nice variety of cute, colorful accessories for the home or office-large and small notebooks, clippies, photo frames and notepads-many of which were designed using their revolutionary material that sticks to most slick surfaces (including stainless steel, mirrors and glass).

I received my box of goodies Friday evening and I must say the products are so much cuter in person than they are over the internet. Just to look at them, the colors are much more vibrant and the patterns clearer.  The bright retro inspired patterns will definitely perk up the most dreary of kitchens or dullest of office cubicles. My personal favorite are the Cabana Blue & Palm Green Damask and Black & White Medallion (both shown below)

My box of goodies to review included the Happeez Clippers, Photo Frames/Mini Photo Frames and Notepads.  After looking the products over thoroughly, I was curious to just how they worked (and quite honestly, I STILL am!). I took the first Clippie out of it’s package and turned it over. The tag read “Remove protective liner before use. Apply to stainless steel refrigerator or any slick/non porous surface including glass, mirror and aluminum”.  I pulled the liner off to reveal what appeared to be double sided tape, but it wasn’t. I was skeptical that such a substance would stick to anything, but as I walked through my home, I tried sticking it to everything I passed. I can safely tell you these little guys stick to:

  • wood paneling
  • glass
  • mirrors
  • appliances (mine was applied to the microwave, refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer)
  • computer (tower and monitor)
  • windows
  • plastic window treatments (the kind you put up to keep out gusts & cold air)
  • bookshelves

They will not stick to:

  • projection TVs (screen or body)
  • walls that are not smooth
  • smooth surfaces that are dirty

The Notepads and Photo Frames were equally colorful and functional. I adhered them to all of the same surfaces I applied the Clippies to with equal success. You will have to push them onto your surface with more force than the Clippies, but they will stay put just as well. I especially like how the Photo Frames have a built in “pocket” for the photo you wish to show off. Slide the card from it’s pocket, remove the plastic overlay and insert your photo into the cut out slots, reaffix the plastic, slide the whole card back in and viola… You can show off your favorite shot anywhere you like without fear of it being damaged! What a great way to bring a little bit of your personal life into your office.

The Notepads are just as much fun. You can move your notepad as you need to make sure your message gets seen. This is especially important in homes where everyone seems to have a different schedule. And if your house is anything like mine, the best place to leave a note for your other half is ON the television set. With these Notepads, you can do just that (provided it is a smooth screen)!

Overall, I am very impressed with these products. Their bright cheery colors are surpassed only by their usefullness. Moms everywhere should rejoice! These are definitely geared more towards a female audience, but many guys will appreciate the simpler patterns that feature just stripes or large dots. I can visualize all kinds of uses for these little goodies-moms, teachers, administrative assistants are all obvious choices. I also see these being very useful for students (at home or in the locker), coaches, anyone who keeps a schedule/list/orders/etc on hand and easily accessible. Caring for them is a snap as well. If you find your Happeez just aren’t wanting to stick very well, take them down and clean them with either a vinegar based glass cleaner or water and dry them off. And if you should happen to drop a Clippie or it falls, don’t fret! They pop right back together, unlike most clips on the market that break and cannot be fixed. These little gems would make great stocking stuffers or add-ins for a gift basket or get a variety and make a gift basket of just them!

For more information on where to purchase any of the Mayfair Lane products (or to get information on carrying them in your store), please visit them on the web at I bookmarked the site and plan on visiting them again, probably to find out more information about carrying  their products in my own store inventory.

Shop online or find a retailer location HERE!

This was a guest post written by Aimee Plesa from Shake Your Bon Bons


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