ReviewsReview: Kidz Bop 14 & The Coolest Kidz Bop Christmas Ever!

Review: Kidz Bop 14 & The Coolest Kidz Bop Christmas Ever!

About Kidz Bop

You’ve seen the Kidz Bop all over the shelves at almost every retailer with a music section, now parents and their children can enjoy the Kidz Bop experience online. is a new “online community” where kids are safe to play games, create and listen to music, get creative, upload and create their own webshows and videos and much more. Parents can sign up for the Kidz Bop newsletter to be notified of new CD releases, upcoming concert dates, special promotions and more. You can also shop online for Kidz Bop CD’s, DVD’s and toys HERE! Be sure to check out the latest release, Kidz Bop 15, including tracks such as So What!, One Step At a Time, Crush, American Boy and more!

Jessica from Reviewza-Palooza recently had the chance to check out two great CD’s from Kidz Bop, The Coolest Kidz Bop Christmas Ever and Kidz Bop 14. Read more about Jessica HERE! To hear more about the CD’s check out her review…..

The Review

My 5 year old daughter (K) has one goal in life is to become the next American Idol. She loves to listen to music and sing and sing and sing oh yeah and then she sings some more. When I was asked to review the newest Kidz Bop CD’s I jumped at the chance.

We were sent Kidz Bop 14 and the newest Kidz Bop Christmas CD. It’s been raining non stop here so I put in the CD and we literally spent hours dancing and singing. I’ll admit the only other Kidz Bop CD I have is last year’s Christmas CD and we loved it. I had no idea Kidz Bop had 14 previous CDs.

Kidz Bop 14 is filled with songs that you would hear on a current top 40’s station. The lyrics are all clean and mostly sung by kids; which my daughter LOVED. She was so excited to hear other kids singing. There was only one song on the CD I didn’t care for but I don’t really like the original either. K was over the moon when her favorite Taylor Swift song “Tear Drops on my Guitar” came on. She has asked to play this CD over and over again and you know what, I have. I like being able to listen to music that I would listen to on the radio without the fear of an explicit lyric or two.

Next we put in “The Coolest Kidz Bop Christmas Ever”! Again a huge hit in our house. I asked K why she liked it so much and she said because it’s kids singing just like me. I like how it’s a twist on the old classics which unfortunately sometimes get boring for the little ones. Even my 2 year old has been dancing and singing to the Coolest Christmas Ever.

When I finally turned off the music K asked “Do you think Santa will bring me Kidz Bop 15?” I went out to their website and guess what – there is a Kidz Bop 15 and I love almost every song on the CD. Oh wait… this is supposed to be a kids CD.

You know what else I found??? Kidz Bop 80’s Gold! You mean my daughter and I can sing such classics as Footloose, Girls Just want to Have Fun and Mickey! This is going to be fun!

I think Santa might have to find Kidz Bop 15 and 80’s Gold for me… I mean K.

Jessica @ Reviewza-Palooza

Bonus for NY Residents– The Knicks KIDZ BOP Talent Search lets musical stars-to-be between ages 5 & 14 in the New York area perform in front of thousands of fans and show their stuff. Three new contestants perform monthly at a select Knicks home game and the winner of each round moves on to the final competition for a chance to win an awesome scholarship. Click HERE to find out more!

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse



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