ReviewsReview: Eye Slices Eye Treatment Pads

Review: Eye Slices Eye Treatment Pads

I had a unique opportunity to try a product that was out of zone. See, I am a jeans & t-shirt kinda girl. I don’t do anything but soap & water for my face etc. I rarely wear make-up. I guess you would call me a no fuss gal’. So when asked if I would like to try a product called Eye Slices, I had to think about it. Did I want to step out of my zone and have a little fun? Sure, why not!

Think Cucumbers meet high tech! At first I was a little skeptical, but after I got it and read all the product information that came with my package, I started to think that I could use the Eye Slices for more than “face regimen”.

Eye Slices come in a plastic container system. Inside is two sealed gel pads. They are re-usable, so this made sense to me. The Eye Slices Pads can be used up to 10 times. Then you can keep the container, and order refill packs.

I never really take time for myself, so finding time to try the product was a little bit of an issue. Finally after a lot of “family” emergencies, life, hard drive crashed and my health issues, I was working overtime playing catch up with updating my computer with all my programs. I spent a lot of time (more than usual which is a lot to some), on the computer. I realized my eye was bothering me, like I had been rubbing it for days. It hit me… I could try the Eye Slices!

I turned off the computer, and opened the package. Read the details insert, nothing like doing it wrong! LOL! I climbed into bed, and put these green, cold, gel pads on my eyes. Hubby was laughing of course. At first they didn’t stay in place well, or I didn’t put them on right. So I pressed harder, and yeah, they stayed in place. The coolness felt REALLY good. I actually feel asleep with them on. Hubby came in about 30 minutes later and said hey, you might want to put them up. That is how easy it was to use these gel pads. The Eye Slices did relax my eyes. *You can use them up to 50 minutes.

I liked that you didn’t have to put them in the fridge, since they are already cold feeling *but you could store them for a few minutes for extra relief. I have had migraines since I was 10 years old, and keep frozen rags in my freezer to use on my neck, forehead & eyes when I get them. These would have worked very well. I actually look forward to using them. *use within 2-3 weeks after opening


  • Made in South Africa
  • Clinically proven to decrease redness by 326.67%
  • Proven to deliver a 117% increase in Oxygen respiration to the cells
  • 32% reduction of dark circles after 4 weeks of use
  • Certified organic whole leaf Aloe extract


  • Headaches
  • Dark Circles & fine lines
  • Tired Eyes & Redness, Irritations, Puffiness
  • Salon applications

As Seen In & Awards:

  • O’ magazine
  • Cosmopolitan magazine
  • Justine magazine
  • Country magazine
  • Beauty Store magazine
  • Allure magazine
  • Day Spa magazine

I would highly recommend this product for any of the listed needed uses! But even to treat yourself to your own spa “time”. Eye Slices are a really unique product with many added benefits! Enjoy them!

Written by Renee @ Bearable Deals


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