ReviewsReview: By The Book - Caring For MY Kids - Bonus Giveaway!

Review: By The Book – Caring For MY Kids – Bonus Giveaway!

This review was written by Dore from Dore’s Diaries. Check out Dore’s Diaries now for a chance to win your very own copy of By The Book: Caring For MY Kids.

The Review

I know I’ve mentioned it many times before, but I am an EXTREMELY over-protective mommy. I get told this many times a day by many different people. I rarely leave Brayden to do things by myself other than the time he is in daycare while I am at school. When I do leave him, it seems I will never get out of the house because I have so many things to tell the person watching him… which is always family that has been around him since day 1.

I just received the most awesome book in the mail!!
It’s called By The Book: Caring for MY Kids. This is what I was referring to as Mommy’s Best Friend. It is basically a manual to leave with whoever is caring for your kids. You fill it out ahead of time and anything and everything that the sitter should know about taking care of your little one(s) is all written down in one place.It is broken into sections and allows you to leave detailed information about EVERYTHING! It is broken into 5 main sections:

  • Section I: The Basics
  • Section II: The Caregiver’s Note
  • Section III: Help! It’s an Emergency!
  • Section IV: All Things Medical
  • Section V: Parents Only

You can see the breakdown of the sections here. I was amazed at the detailed information that By The Book allows me to write down. This truly is a dream for me because I know that I can leave Brayden with someone and not have any concerns that I forgot to tell them something important.You can even download refills from the By The Book site. I love this book and it will definitely be put to good use. I don’t think there are any parents out there that couldn’t benefit from By The Book: Caring for MY Kids.

Wanna know how you can get this awesome must have manual?

Buy it
You can always go to By The Book and order it. If you enter coupon code BTBK6646 (case sensitive) at checkout, you will get $3.00 off of either the hardbound book or the e-book.

ENTER TO WIN A COPYBy The Book Giveaway

About Karmel Publishing

Melissa was a work at home mom with 2 preschoolers. As a musician, she couldn’t always take a phone call on the job. She was constantly leaving lengthy notes for the sitter- over and over again. And she kept misplacing all those notes over and over again. Every time there was a new sitter, there was a new batch of notes.

Karen was a mother who worked outside the home. Having a nanny taking care of her twin preschoolers was a good thing, but there were still tons of notes for the nanny, plus the daily phone calls of questions. And at the end of the day, Karen often wondered what their day was like.

Karen and Melissa met when their children began attending the same preschool. Their boys became friends and with that came playdates and many mommy conversations. During those conversations they realized there HAD to be a better way to organize all that information about their children for their caregivers. It was then By the Book: How to Take Care of MY Kids was born.

Karen and Melissa began working on the book in November of 2005. By the summer of 2006 they formed Karmel Publishing, LLC. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Karen and Melissa are pursuing the dream of making things easier for other parents by providing quality products to organize it all.

Contact –
Phone: 866-200-9319
Media Contact:
Customer Service:

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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