ReviewsReview: Boon - Flo & Fluid

Review: Boon – Flo & Fluid

I recently had the opportunity to review two products from Boon, the makers of innovative and affordable products for children. The first product I tested out was “Flo”, a water deflector to use during bath time. Just as the name implies, Flo created a gentle, “waterfall” type of water flow when it was attached to tub faucet. My two year old daughter got such a kick out of this! She usually is frightened by the rough flow of the water while I’m filling the tub, so she waits outside of the bathroom until I’m done. Not this time – she actually went in before I even started the water! I showed her the “Flo” and she could not wait to get her hands on it. Flo is now referred to “Green Fish” in my house, and if were up to her, she would take five baths a day just to play with “Green Fish”.

Normally, I wouldn’t let her stand on the end of the tub where the faucet is located because being that she is still pretty young, she tends to be careless with her feet. I was always worried about her slipping and hitting her face on the faucet, then bath time would be a horrible scene for at least six months. With the Flo attached I don’t have to worry about any accidents. It has a soft rubber rim that protects children from injuries. The Flo didn’t fit my faucet perfectly, it was a little loose, but it still served its purpose, very well.

There is also an added feature on the top of the unit that you can pour bubble bath into so it distributes evenly into the tub with the flow of the water. Of course you can just pour the bubble bath right into the tub itself, but if you are the mother of a toddler, you know that anything “new” is exciting to them and my daughter thought that the bubble bath dispenser was pretty neat. She even thought that the Flo made a cool hangout for Dora and her friends. They all got a free ride on the “Green Fish”! As a matter of fact, my daughter even convinced my husband to take Flo off of the faucet so she could play with it in the sink. Any product that aids in the safety of my daughter and doubles as a method of distraction gets an A+ in my books!

I also had a chance to try out the Fluid, Boons modern version of the sippy cup. Once again, I will go back to what I said about the Flo, my daughter found it interesting and that alone makes it a great product in my household. The Fluid cup has an ergonomic shape that allows the cup to be used with both hands. This is a great feature for itty bitty hands – better grip = less spills. I can’t quite figure out why yet, but according to boon, the tilt of the spout requires a child to tilt their head less when drinking, and it indeed does. I think it’s a great feature because as you may have experienced, when a child is used to tilting their head back to drink from a standard sippy cup, things can get quite messy when you are trying to adjust them to a “grown-up” cup. The Fluid is also BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC free, which according to every parenting magazine out there is the way to go. The Fluid is also dishwasher safe, which is great because I’m not sure how easy it would be to clean by hand given the “O” shaped design. The only negative thing I could say about the Fluid is that it probably wouldn’t fit into the pockets that are designed to hold cups on most diaper bags. This is a cup that should stay at home….but all in all, I think it’s a great design, serves it’s purpose, and is also a healthy choice for your child.

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Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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