ReviewsReview: Boob Maternity & Nursing Apparel

Review: Boob Maternity & Nursing Apparel

Both Kristy from Mommy-in-Pink and Donielle from Raising Peanuts had the chance to try out some new maternity and nursing apparel from Boob , here’s what they have to say…..

Mommy-In-Pink: Nursing Fashionista

Who says Pregnant/Nursing moms can’t be fashionable? I’m a proud nursing mama and you know what that means, right? It means that my selection of fashionable clothing choices has seriously dwindled. At least that’s what I thought until I found Boob Design.

Boob Design founder Mia Seipel’s idea was born on the principle that every mother should be able to nurse in comfort and in style! They carry an array of fashionable clothing from pregnancy, through nursing and beyond! And trust me on this one…the clothes are are incredibly comfortable and stylish…I love the ease of nursing with Boob clothing and I can attest to the fact that their dresses, tanks and long sleeve shirts are incredibly comfortable and don’t look anything like your average nursing wear!

To find a store near you, check out their site HERE
Thank you to Mom Fuse for this opportunity!
– Kristy@ Mommy-In-Pink

Raising Peanuts: Boob Maternity

Every pregnant woman knows how uncomfy maternity clothes can be. They sure have come a long way since our moms had to wear tents and mumus, but it was always a struggle to find the rights pants and tops that actually fit.

Enter Boob Maternity clothes.

I am head over heels, madly in love with Boob. If I had a mountain top in my back yard I would climb up it and proclaim that these are the best maternity clothes ever!! And I know you all will think I’m just blowing smoke since they sent me these to try out, but I’m telling you……I wish I would have know how great these clothes fit during my first pregnancy.

boob3First up they sent me the B-Flex jeans to try out. I have a problem with all of my maternity pants sliding down, either revealing the dreaded plumber’s crack when stooping down or letting the belly show in front. Since they sent me these, I have yet to wear anything else. Seriously. I love the way they fit! They aren’t made out of that super stretchy material that makes your clothes 2 sizes bigger by the end of the day, and they stay up. My favorite part is that they actually look like real jeans! No funky panels! They zip and button and stay put on your hips. Of course the zipper and button rest below the tummy, so there is a panel sewn into the inside of them to pull up over the belly. And don’t worry, the panel is super comfy, it’s not your ‘mamas panels’. And since it’s sewn down inside the jeans, if it shows, it just looks like you’re wearing a tanktop under your shirt. As an added plus, the panel over the belly has kept this preggo belly much warmer in all this cold weather! It takes place of the usual tank top I wear for added warmth.

They also sent me a super cute long sleeve white top that has a bit of asymmetry to it. The top fits like a glove and I never once had to re situate it while wearing. It also seems to me that for some reason maternity clothes manufacturers think pregnant woman want to bare “the twins” now with all the extra cleavage they have. Not so people. Not so. I love the fact that this top was amazingly comfortable, but also that I didn’t have to wear a top under it to cover what the good Lord gave me! It’s classy and chic clothes all the way! And I don’t know how they do it, but these shirts make the belly look so adorable without adding extra volume to your sides.

I was also lucky enough to receive both a long sweater and a long sleeveless top. Again, they fit amazingly well. The quality is by far above and beyond anything else I have in my closet. Which brings me to another topic. The price.

While these clothes are more than what you find at the cheaper mall stores (you know the ones!) the quality is so superior it makes up for it. During my first pregnancy I kept buying different clothes, more clothes, because they would shrink or stretch weird in the wash. After I wore them for awhile they became uncomfortable or I got sick of readjusting them all the time. Or after a few wearings they started to fall apart and fade horribly. They were cheap – not made to last. Clothes from Boob Design on the other hand will last you through your entire nine months and on to the next pregnancy! They are well worth the extra money if you want comfortable clothes that fit.

Boob Design also has a line of nursing clothes that I can’t wait to try out myself in a few months. They have this cool top panel where you can nurse without having to bare your belly or your boobs! It basically just looks like you’re holding the baby. I’ll be checking out their store locater for a shop where I can buy them online and getting myself a few tops!

As an added bonus, celeb moms like Angelina and Jessica Alba totally wear these clothes, so you know, next time I’m out on the town with them I’ll totally fit in! 🙂
(btw – if either one of them would like to pass me some hand me downs, I’m totally open for that!)

And thanks to MomFuse for giving me the opportunity to try out such awesome clothes!

Donielle @ Raising Peanuts

Posted by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse



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