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Reverth Announces Crowdfunding Campaign to Launch Lineable – A Wearable Tracking Beacon for Children

Being a parent or caregiver of a child is a great responsibility. With child safety at the forefront of so many minds, tech startup Reverth has recently announced the start of an Indiegogo crowdfunding to bring Lineable to market, a wearable tracking beacon that could save many children’s lives. Innovative and inexpensive, interest in Lineable is very high among both parents and tech enthusiasts who see the great potential in what the new device offers.

Most people would agree one of the most frightening things to experience is to not be able to locate a child. With the frightening possibilities of what could quickly occur, and the importance that police stress on needing to quickly recover a child who has been taken against their will, there is a huge need for a way to be able to reliably track children and find them quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, there’s a new inexpensive device on the horizon that can reliably answer these concerns, Lineable from the startup company Reverth. Reverth has turned to Indiegogo to raise the funds to bring Lineable, their wearable tracking beacon for children to market, and the interest in the inexpensive wristband is skyrocketing.


“Every year about 79 thousand children are missing just in the United States,” commented a spokesperson from Reverth. “Our Lineable team wanted to encourage the awareness of the importance of protecting children. We had put forward our absolute best effort to make Lineable affordable to everyone. $5 is our final price, and I am glad we could come up with a great design and highly functional product, for only $5.”

According to the company, a great emphasis has been placed on making the device fit into a child’s daily routine without being intrusive, and also to be as easy to conceal as possible from an assailant. This goal was accomplished elegantly by making Lineable appear just like any other silicone wristband. While this means the battery cannot be changed, it also means it much less likely to be discovered and it’s also water and dust proof.

The beacon operates via a concealed Bluetooth 4.0 enabled module. There’s no monthly fee associated with Lineable, after the $5 price of the wristband customers can be assured there’s no hidden charges. On average the device’s battery lasts a full year, making Lineable an astonishingly good value even for parents on very tight budgets.

The Indiegogo campaign has set a goal of $30,000 to bring the beacon to market.

Lineable can be used among Android Phone and iPhone – even with the new iPhone 6. Both Reverth and Lineable have become hot topics of conversation among both parents and tech enthusiasts who have learned about the project.

Emily P., a lifestyle blogger from Boston, recently remarked, “This is an Indiegogo that immediately grabbed my attention. I’m planning on buying wristbands for all four of my nieces and nephews. For the price how could you not? Reverth seems like a really great company for offering a product like this that could save young lives and keep families together.”

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