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How to Clean And Disinfect Commercial Patio Restaurant Booths

Care instructions for cleaning restaurant booths are usually included. Unfortunately, over the years, these suggestions have been lost.

Quality restaurant booths have been designed to suit the elements over the years.

These pieces are not difficult to maintain but require an understanding of how to clean and care for various materials and a commitment to do so regularly throughout the year.

So instead of letting go of your hands, use the following tips on how to clean your outdoor restaurant booths.

How Do You Clean Outdoor Restaurant Booths?

Something will spill on your patio booths no matter how careful you are. Maybe someone is throwing dirt on your sectional.

Deck sofa cushions or a glass of wine on the dining table on the covered porch. Wind, rain, trees, bugs, and many other things can make your booths dirty and damaged.

If you do not take preventive measures and clean them regularly. But wood, metal, and plastic all need a little different care.

Cleaning According To The Type Of Restaurant Booths

You can clean most restaurant booths with soapy water. The pressure washer helps clean various booths in low settings.

Read on for mild cleaning methods for specific types of patio booths.

Wicker Patio Restaurant Booths


You can clean the wicker restaurant booths with a furniture hose or pressure washer. Just remove the pillow and sprinkle off dirt and grime.

If the wicker is particularly dirty, use a sponge, mild soap, and cold water to clean it.

Cleaning All-Weather Wicker Restaurant Booths

Restaurant booths made from natural or painted wicker were used to fit indoors or on balconies where there was some protection from the elements.

Nevertheless, contemporary synthetic wicker offers all the aesthetic qualities of natural fabrics without being exposed to rain, frost, and snow.

In addition, it takes a little effort to clean the corners of patio booths.

  •  Remove all pillows and cushions.
  • Use a soft-bristle brush to remove the artificial debris.
  • You can take care of any leaves, twigs, or dirt with a vacuum cleaner with a small brush attached.

If you still have small breaks in deep or intricate weaving, you can set the use of high-pressure washers to low or medium.

Once the wicker is free of surface dirt, use a mild household soap and a hand brush with lukewarm water to gently scrub the surface to clean any stains and ordinary dirt.

Wash the woven material well to make sure there are no soap residues. If possible, dry the restaurant booths in the shade.

Wooden Patio Restaurant Booths


If your wooden patio booth is covered with exterior-grade varnish, it can be cleaned with soap and water.

First, rinse the suds thoroughly with clean water and let the patio booth dry completely.

The veneer is the most popular type of wood booth because it is easy to maintain.

If you wish to maintain the wood’s natural brown color, you need to clean it more regularly, use a light coat of furniture oil, and preferably a sealant.

The frequency depends on your climate. Areas exposed to dry weather or high sunlight require more frequent maintenance.

Aluminum Restaurant Booths


Aluminum is easy to work with and can be used to create numerous exciting patio booth designs.

However, despite its strength and lightness, it is more prone to denting than other metals. So be careful when moving aluminum booths for cleaning or storage.

Gently rub the cleaner on any residue using a soft cloth and water. It will take some effort, but most water cresses will come out quickly.

If the original powder coating has shone, you can keep it shiny by applying baby oil or car wax.

Waterproof Your Patio Restaurant Booths

Apply wax to keep your outdoor restaurant booths shiny and waterproof. It is easier to maintain if you are shopping for weather-resistant restaurant booths.

For wood, use a product that will not spoil the varnish. Many wood-friendly protective putties and waxes are available to keep the patio set clean.

Non Weather Proof Patio Restaurant Booths Storage

Keep patio restaurant booth cushions indoors and cover the frame in the off-season. Just one shower can make outdoor pillows useless.

If you get stuck in the rain, hang out on to dry patio booth in the sun. Likewise, outdoor wooden tables should be stored indoors in winter except for teak and cedar.

The same goes for booths made from fabric.

Apply Seasonal Care to Restaurant Booth Covers and Joints

You must wash the Patio booth covers and lubricate the frame’s joints. Wash covers with a soft-bristled brush, mild soap, and cold water.

Use spray grease on the joints of the restaurant booth. If you have a wooden frame, use the wax paste to restore its shine.

Once summer is back, wash outdoor furniture covers and put them back.

To prevent shrinkage, spread the covers on the frame before the fabric dries completely.

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