Style & BeautyRescue your receding hairline

Rescue your receding hairline

If you start to notice that you are suffering from thinning hair, or other hair loss problems then it can be extremely worrying. It can be difficult to treat and can also be very damaging to your self confidence. Because your hair is on your head everyone will be able to see that you are losing your hair. Men most often suffer from receding hairlines; however it can also affect women. There are fortunately a number of medications which can be used to treat this rather embarrassing problem.

If you go to your doctor to discuss methods to rescue your receding hairline then he might suggest Propecia. This is a tablet which is taken orally and works by inhibiting the production of DHT. Over 95% of male baldness is thought to be as a result of DHT levels. This drug works by preventing DHT being able to bind to hair follicles and so makes hairs last longer. It has some pretty good evidence; around 66% of its users have experienced significant hair growth.
This certainly is a good way to re-grow your hair, however it can be expensive. Before you get interested in this project make sure that you realize that you will have to continue paying this money for life in order to benefit. Propecia is giving some men more confidence, so some people think that it’s worth the cost.

Another well known treatment which can be used for both women and men is minoxodil; this is sold in the United States as Rogaine. This is a very good drug which is ideal for re-growing your receding hair loss. It is a topical solution which is applied directly to the affected areas; it’s also much cheaper than Propecia. It does however involve much more effort, you need to put this on twice a day and leave it to soak for four hours. This makes it very time consuming even if it is affordable. The effects will only last as long as you continue using it.

A more permanent solution is a hair transplant; however this will cost you a lot more money than the other options. This is a surgical procedure which needs to be done at a clinic. It will take between one and two years for the process to be completed and can cost well over $15,000 so make sure you know what you are in store for! Hair is removed from the sides and back of the head and then replanted in the front areas. The hair at the back and sides is immune to the effects of DHT which means once this is done you will not lose hair again.

There are plenty of male baldness treatments available; you just have to research in order to find the right one. You also need to be careful that you don’t end up paying over the odds for a substandard treatment.

BIO: Anita is an expert in the field of Hair loss product and medications, hair loss prevention and hair loss products & reviews due to many hours of research. You can learn more about hair loss remedies and natural hair loss by visiting She also write on topic such as diet pills and nutrition. She is also an independent blogger.
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