ReviewsRemi-D Hand Sanitizing Mist

Remi-D Hand Sanitizing Mist


“Remi-D All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Mist is a portable spray that kills 99.99% of germs, including nasty staph. But unlike the goopy gels containing alcohol that dry out your skin, Remi-D moisturizes as it sanitizes with a refreshing mist. No drying mess – just moisturizing mist!”

Product Features

  • Remi-D is all natural. It uses strong and effective ingredients from nature, avoiding synthetic lab chemicals.
  • Paraben and Triclosan free.
  • Remi-D is alcohol free. Resulting in a non-drying, non-irritating, naturally moisturizing hand treatment.
  • Kills 99.99% of germs and is effective against MRSA and Staph.
  • Contains a light refreshing scent
  • Remi-D Hand Sanitizer is, unlike other brands, a non-sticky mist. No messy gels or wasteful cloths.
  • The  distinct flip-open cap reduces leaks and is easily tucks aways for on-the-go

Remi-D is available online at and a number of other retailers including Pathmark, ShopRite, A&P, Hannaford and Market Basket and MORE. Affordably priced at only $2.99 – $4.99

Check out this video review of Remi-D from Latricia @ 1StopMom


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Kristy from Mommy in Pink says…

My experience with Remi-D was a good one. Not only is it affordable, but had the cool, fresh scent of cucumber and tea tree that wasn’t messy or sticky unlike most hand sanitizers on the market. It was super easy to use…You basically just spray and go! The container is also small enough to fit inside your pocket, purse or diaper bag which makes it handy to use at any time.

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The best part: Remi-D is free of alcohol which can dry your hands, make your kids sick and can ignite near open flame. It also lacks the nasty chemicals Triclosan and Paraben which are known to be harmful to your health. Read more from Kristy!

Connie from Miscellaneous Finds 4 U says…

I received the Cucumber Tea Tree – it’s very lightly scented and dries quickly. It’s the perfect scent for me. The ingredients are: Purified Water, Glycerine, Benzalkonium Chloride, Fragrance. It doesn’t contain alcohol (a drying agent), Triclosan or Paraben. There are some studies that have raised concerns over the long term use of Benzalkonium Chloride, but those have generally been in eye and nose drops. Additionally, the chemical is an allergen so use with care. Read more from Connie!

Donielle from Raising Peanuts says…

Remi-D is also free of Triclosan and Parabens, both of which I am a fan of keeping out of my body. Although one of the ingredients listed on it is “fragrance”, which can mean many things. It’s the one thing about Remi-D that I’m not a huge fan of, I’d like to know exactly what’s in it, but I do think this is a much better alternative to other, more conventional, products out there. And at this point, I would much rather use this than to get sick one more time during this pregnancy (currently at 32 weeks!). Read more from Donielle!

Leeanne from Happy Mommy 3 says…

This product is all natural, alcohol free and safe for kids. Because it is alcohol free it doesn’t dry out your hands like some of the other products.

I also like it because it comes in a spray bottle. It gentle mists some “gel” on your hands. The bottles that you have to squirt on your hands usually dispenses way too much and it takes a minute or so to dry. This bottle says that you can get up to 300 sprays. Coming soon it will have 3 great scents, the cucumber tea tree, mountain stream and seaside mineral spa. Not only do they sell the sanitizing mist but they also have foaming soaps. I love those. Read more from Leeanne!

Melissa – From Melissa’s Desk says…

I couldn’t be more satisfied with this product. I’m a borderline Germ-a-phobe so I’m familiar with the use of hand sanitizer. As a matter of fact, I use it quite often. I am totally honest when I tell you that I’ve never used any hand sanitizer that compares to Remi-D. It is everything they say it is. I love that it comes with strong flip top cap that prevents accidental spills when carrying it in your purse. It smells wonderful. Not to strong, but just enough of a fresh cucumber scent. They aren’t lying when they say that it won’t dry out your hands like other hand sanitizers that contain alcohol. My overall experience with Remi-D was a great one! I will definitely continue to use it in the future. Read more from Melissa!

Cheryl from The Daily Blonde says…

I immediately loved Remi-D because it was in mist form instead of the sticky gel hand sanitizers. Not only did I love it, my children didn’t complain about the “gooey” hand sanitizer I usually attack them with every time they sneeze or cough. I’m just a bit of a germaphobe.

Remi-D has an even bigger plus-side for parents! It’s non-alcoholic and all natural. Never mind the drying affects that alcohol has on hands both big and small…alcohol can ignite near a flame and that’s a huge concern when it comes to the things children are allowed to carry with them. This product is totally safe, easy to use and is free of both Triclosan and Paraben (chemicals that are found in many household products). Read more from Cheryl!

Marissa from Mama Sparkles says…

I got to try out Remi-D hand sanitizing mist, courtesy of Mom Fuse. With all the sickness going around lately, I figured it was worth a shot. I love the cute little bottle with its easy flip-top cap. It’s extremely portable and the cucumber tea tree scent is refreshing. More importantly though, is that it’s all natural and alcohol free so it’s safe to use around kids. It’s simple to use – flip the top, spray it, rub it, and that’s it. No sticky, goopy mess to deal with, AND it doesn’t dry out your hands! Read more from Marissa!

Tara from Tara’s View of the World says…

I hate the slimy feeling of regular hand sanitizers and I hate how dry they make my hands when I use them. Remi-D is nice to use with no slimy sticky feeling. I have been using Remi-D regularly for several days now and it also doesn’t dry out my hands! I tried the Cucumber Tea Tree scent and I really liked the subtle refreshing scent.

But I must admit that my absolute favourite part of Remi-D is that it is kid-safe! It is completely alcohol free and won’t make a child sick if they accidentally ingest it. That means I don’t have to worry about Olivia getting a hold of it! Perfect! Read more from Tara!

Kimberly from She Scribes says…

Because it’s so compact I can take it anywhere. I use it to spray the handles on shopping carts (they are a serious “germ fest”!) and when I am done shopping (to remove any germs on my hands). We also spend a lot of time visiting the animal shelter and petting all the animals. Sometimes we get extra special “kisses” from a sweet little dog or cat. As much as we love those “kisses” we don’t want to risk bringing anything into our home that could affect our dog or cats. So after our visit we all spray our hands with Remi-D. Read more from Kimberly!

Janet from Grammy Janet’s Place says…

I am very happy that I tried Remi-D All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Mist. For this review I received the refreshing scent of Cucumber Tea Tree, 0.5 FL. oz. It is is the perfect size to carry with me in my purse or slip into my pocket. It is very easy to open the flip top and spray the moisturizing mist. I have tried other brands of hand sanitizers but I have not been happy with them because they cause my hands to feel extremely dry and chalky. Unlike the other hand sanitizers that I have used Remi-D made my hands feel soft and smell lightly scented. Read more from Janet!

Elizabeth from A Nut in a Nutshell says…

This is different from ordinary hand sanitizers because it’s applied in a spray mist. It gets immediate points for that, because I can’t tell you how many times the liquid gel formulas have leaked or spilled inside my purse creating a big, sticky mess. With a quick spray of Remi-D, your hands are clean. No slime, no mess, no fuss. Read more from Elizabeth!

Colleen from Living Life One Day At a Time says…

What I really like about Remi-D is that is all-natural. This is just one more way to ensure that the products my family uses are safe for all of us. I also like the fact that Remi-D doesn’t leave my hands feeling tacky or slimy. The scent is light and hardly noticeable- something my boys appreciate. Since I carry Remi-D in my purse, I appreciate the fact that the flip-top cap is sturdy, preventing Remi-D from spilling. I highly recommend Remi-D. In fact, I plan to get myself to CVS and stock up on Remi-D for my family. Read more from Colleen!

Cathi from The Way I See It says…

When I received the opportunity to try Remi-D All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Mist I was skeptical. I really expected it to feel icky like all the other ones I had tried. I was so wrong! Remi-D is completely different.

Remi-D is completely safe for children. It’s so much easier to give my grandchildren a little spray of mist instead of using antiseptic wipes. The little 0.5 ounce spray is perfect for taking on airplanes, using in public, on the job and well…anywhere! I’ve reviewed alot of different products and in all honesty Remi-D is my favorite. I love what it does and all it represents!! Read more from Cathi!

Caryn from Rockin’ Mama says…

I love the fact that it doesn’t contain alcohol but is still effective against potentially harmful bacteria like MRSA and Staph. The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride which we use in the hospital as an antimicrobial. It is free of parabens and triclosan but I still wouldn’t recommend having your child ingest it! Remi-D contains moisturizers like lanolin to protect your skin from becoming dry and irritated. It’s small enough to tuck anywhere, even in my pocket and it is available in three pleasant scents (we tried Cucumber Tea Tree).

We tried using this instead of antibacterial wipes or hand gel and I noticed a difference in how my skin felt. It was much smoother after repeated use. My hands didn’t feel dry and I didn’t feel like I had to wash off any sticky residue. The initial scent is mild but noticeable and wears off almost immediately, leaving behind a subtle cucumber scent. Read more from Caryn!

Summer from Le Musings of Moi says…

Remi-D is an all-natural hand sanitizing product BUT without the Alcohol, Triclosan and Parabens. (I actually don’t really know what that means, I’m just guessing by the sound of it, they aren’t good!) The only thing Remi-D does to your hands is clean them. Cool huh? And instead of it being a liquid goop that comes out, it’s a spray. You just spritz spritz, and off you go. And you know I’m all about making you people smell better, so of course, it has a light subtle cucumber-y smell. Read more from Summer!

Dore from Dore’s Diaries says…

Remi-D sprays as a fine mist. All you do is spray, rub your hands together, and go! It has a faint scent of Cucumber Tea Tree; just the right amount to make your hands feel and smell fresh and clean without overdoing it.

I am a huge fan of Remi-D and will be stocking up soon so I never have to be without it. If you are interested in trying out Remi-D and promoting the good health of your family, you can find it at as well as a ton of retailers in the Northeast. You can see all the places Remi-D is available for purchase here.

For more information about Remi-D head on over to their site. They offer a ton of information and give more than enough reasons to justify the switch to their all-natural product. Read more from Dore!




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