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Relocating for Work to Get Ahead is a Smart Move but Could be Hard on Your Family

Everyone knows that moving is stressful, both physically and emotionally, so if you feel tension you are not alone. What makes a move even more demanding is when a new job is involved, and you have a family to worry about as well. It is one thing to manage all the details for yourself, but moms know that they must also be aware of the small details that will be important for their children.

Relocating for Work

Here are three first steps to take that will help make your home move smoother and easier for you and the children. Once you have done some planning, you may even be able to enjoy the excitement that comes with upcoming changes for the better!

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Getting There

The chief question that haunts every family about to move is whether to hire movers or move your home on your own. Your moving budget will be a part of the answer. However, there are a few other crucial factors. Moving is tiring, time-consuming, physically demanding, and stressful. Hiring a professional company such as Allied Van Lines will take all those elements off your plate. Do not forget; there are the children who will need your support and attention as well as your mental preparation for the new job.

Where is There? Choosing a New Community

So, you know where you are moving to, but you still need to decide where to live near your new job. Finding the best location requires considering everything that makes your current home and community perfect. Details such as the weather at your new site may be out of your control, but not everything is.

With children, there are special considerations. Check out the region you are going to for small, close-knit neighborhoods within the city limits or perhaps there are small towns just on the outskirts of the city that might be a better fit.

Make sure to consider…

  • Infrastructure – What schools are nearby. What is the transportation system like? Is there a significant hospital or small medical clinics in close proximity? Consider all the infrastructure needs of yourself and the kids when looking where to live.
  • Safety – Look up the name of the areas you are considering, particularly the crime statistics by neighborhoods. Alternatively, contact the local Police and inquire about the best family-friendly locations.
  • Activities – Research what each section of your new place has to offer for recreation and entertainment. Community centers, swimming pools, or outdoor rinks are great ways to help your kids transition to their new home, meet new friends, and spend quality time together.

Preparing Emotionally

When you are starting a new position in another city, your children must uproot and come along as well, causing the stress parents will feel to increase ten-fold. Small children will likely be scared as to hear that the only home they know is going to go away feels like their world is ending. Older children must wrestle with leaving friends, routines, and schools behind. Happily, there are things you can do to make their move a little less bumpy.

Tell the children as early as possible that the move is coming. It is important to let your children know that the decision to move is final and that you allow them to be upset and ask questions. It is essential to allow your kids to ask for details rather than overwhelm them with information. They will ask when they need to know something. Children need time to absorb information. Most importantly, be truthful. Do not over exaggerate or promise something that you may not be able to keep. Honesty and knowledge will help lower everyone’s anxiety.

Moving for work is unlike merely moving. Usually, the timeline that comes with taking on a job in a new place is not as flexible. You may have up to six months or only three weeks to get everything done. Planning will take some of that anxiety away, allowing you to take more time to move yourself and your family emotionally. Remember to be positive and talk as a family about all the great things that will come from moving.


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