ParentingKids Denim: 5 Reasons Denim is Brilliant For Kids

Kids Denim: 5 Reasons Denim is Brilliant For Kids

Let’s face it – kids go through clothing at a rapid rate! One minute the jumper you just purchased is a little bit too long in the sleeves, and the next moment there is a mysterious hole in the side, and it’s up past the wrists!

Kids Denim

Even with the most careful of children, their clothing seems to go through much. Yet, some materials are built to last as long as possible. Denim is one of the best materials for kids.

Let’s look at what makes denim awesome.

Low Maintenance

If ever there was a material that didn’t require much in terms of maintenance – it’s denim. Although many of us are already in the habit, you don’t need to wash jeans or other denim items after they are worn.

There was a time where it was even recommended that jeans be worn for months before washing new jeans.

Since kids are often messy and prone to getting dirty, it’s more likely they will need to be washed after being worn about three times.


You can buy thicker and hardwearing jeans and other denim for kids – or you can purchase thin, lightweight denim-like dresses and shirts. There is so much variety, and it often provides the same amount of wear-power.

Black, grey, indigo, colored, and the classic faded light blue jeans are universal colors and work with almost every outfit. When it comes to denim, there is a color for everyone.

The cut of the jean offers a lot too, there is also a whole heap of options! Although skinny-fit jeans are the most in fashion right now and have been for a long time, there are many more options.

  • Lightweight denim
  • Heavyweight denim
  • Washed denim
  • Loose fit
  • Stretch denim
  • Chino jeans
  • Boot cut
  • Straight leg
  • Baggy
  • Raw denim
  • Wear and Tear

Unlike cotton, silk, linen, and some other common materials, denim is made in such a way that it can be stressed and worked.

Jeans offer a high level of protection when compared with almost all other materials. Denim is created using a specific weave, and that weave is called a twill weave.

The twill weave has one set of threads going lengthways and another across the width. The width easy threads are also known as weft threads. This means between two and four extra sets of threads floating over any other part of the fabric.

In practical terms, the ‘floating’ thread will go through wear and tear while leaving the rest intact. There are variations in the twill weave, some go from left to right, and others run right to the left. The left to the right produces softer denim.


If there is one fabric that can be worn in all seasons, it is denim. From jeans in the cooler months to shorts in the summer months – denim can do it all. Blazing sun, light or heavy rain, bustling winds, and more.

Due to the twill weave of the jeans, they aren’t usually too hot or too cold and offer an easy way to maintain a temperature.

Eco Friendly

Eco Friendly

Not every piece of denim you buy is going to come from a good source, but you can make a difference to its end of life. Since denim can be worn for years, but most children outgrow the jeans in a matter of months – it’s a shame for the jeans to see the rubbish pile.

Instead, the denim can be donated, sold, or handed in to some high-street stores to be recycled. By doing this, you make sure that your jeans join a cycle of reuse and recycling, which is great for the planet.

Since kids grow out of their clothes at high speed, most parents are looking for the best way to save cash on their kid’s wardrobes. If that sounds familiar, then check out Five Ways to Save Money on Kids’ Clothes and Shoes.


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