Parenting6 Great Reasons to Get a Puppy for Your Kids

6 Great Reasons to Get a Puppy for Your Kids

Few things bring more joy to your family than the addition of a family dog. If you have young children, you may be wondering if it is the right time to bring a puppy home. As a parent, you are probably thinking about safety, level of responsibility, and potential teaching moments that your kids could experience with a dog in the house.

These are all important considerations that should be given serious thought before heading to your local shelter. However, there are also many benefits that come with bringing a dog into your home that you may not have considered. While you are deciding on the perfect dog food for your new furry family member like Taste of Wild Pacific Stream Puppy, you should consider the benefits of getting a dog for your kids.

Lonely Only Child


For parents that are over 30, a small family is a norm. If you have decided to only have one child, you may have to deal with your only child being a bit lonely. Studies show that gifting your only child with a puppy helps them to be less lonely and adopt the animal as a surrogate sibling. Having a dog can help your child to learn how to share your attention and learn how to be kind and caring to a being that is beyond themselves.

Teach Responsibility

Many children can be self-centered when they are young. If you want to teach your child about responsibility and how to take care and pay attention to something beyond themselves, a family dog is a great way to start. Your child will learn what it is like to have another creator depend on them for care, and how to take initiative.

Boosts Immunity

Studies show that children who share their homes with a dog are less likely to get sick throughout their lives. The reason behind this is as simple as a dirty dog. Your dog will consistently bring in outside bacteria and viruses on their fur so that your child will be able to build up natural antibody defenses helping them to stay healthier as they grow.


Few people are brave enough to try to harm a child that is with its loyal dog. No matter the size or breed, you can count on your family dog to be defensive in the protection of your child against any harm.

Increased Activity


Many parents worry about the amount of exercise and activity their children get in the age of technology. When you bring a family dog into the home, your child will have more opportunities to get physical and play outside with their furry best friend.

Boost Confidence

If you have a shy and quiet child, there is no better way to help them break out of their shell than gifting them with a dog. Kids that have a dog in their lives are more likely to become connected to the community, build social skills and improve their overall confidence through caring for and responding to their pet.

If you are thinking about getting a dog for your child, but aren’t sure if it is worth the time and effort, consider these benefits of getting a puppy for your kids.

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