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Quick and Easy Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Creating the right ambiance and atmosphere is an important part of throwing a successful birthday party, and there are many different options available when it comes to décor. Whether you are having your party at your home or at a venue you can find simple, quick, affordable, yet very effective decorations that will complement any theme or make any room look welcoming, exciting, and atmospheric.

In order to ensure that you get the right decorations for your party you need to consider who the party is for (e.g. whether it is for a child or an adult) and also whether you have any theme for your party, as if so you can choose decorations that will fit in with your theme. With a vast choice of party decorations and ideas you can bring your home or venue to life with ease, and some of these decorations may not even cost you anything as you can create them yourself!

Decorations for different needs

The basics: You can’t go wrong with the use of basics as a base for your decorations, and this means party banners and balloons. You can get all sorts of balloons these days, from balloons with special picture or messages printed on to balloons containing sparkles. You can also get the in all sorts of colors, and they are inexpensive and very effective. When it comes to banners you can actually do these yourself by printing off the letters for your message and stringing them together, which makes them more personal and colorful than the ones that you buy.

Entrance decoration: If you have any outdoor lights such as fairy lights you can make the entrance to your home or venue enchanting and inviting by putting the lights around the door frame. You can go for multi-coloured lights, white lights, or lights that fit in with the theme, such as green lights if the party is being held close to Halloween. Keep the outdoor decor simple, as you don’t want so many decorations stuck around the entrance that people struggle to get through the door.

Table decorations: Having a table that looks inviting and colorful is a great addition to any party, and yet it is also simple to do. A colorful tablecloth, a few balloons dotted around, and even some colored or themed paper plates, cups, and serviettes can make all the difference to how your table looks and how comfortable people will be when it comes to going up and helping themselves to the food.

Themed decorations: If you are having a themed party, such as a kid’s fancy dress party, you can choose decor that fits in with the theme. You can often get custom decorations made up to fit in with the theme, or for a cheaper option just use generic decorations that are in colors that will suit the theme. For example, if you are having a princess themed party then lots of balloons and decorations in colors such as pinks and whites would be great. You can even customize the decorations yourself with sparkles and glitter to make them really eye-catching.

Low cost props: You don’t want to end up redecorating your whole home in order to make it fit in with the party theme, but a few cheap, simple props will give your room a great finish. For example, a wizards and magic themed party could involve a few broomsticks strategically placed around the room, candy served in cauldrons, and some green lighting around the room to give the room an enchanting and magical aura.

Use what you already have: Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorations that you already have in the home. For instance, there is no rule that says tinsel and fairy lights can only be used at Christmas – dig out the decorations that you already have in the home and see whether there is anything that you can use to fit in with your theme or liven up the look of your home or venue. You can even make use of the spiral curled ribbons that are usually used to decorate wrapped gifts.

Think colors: Setting the mood with your decor isn’t about how much you spend on the decorations – it is about something as simple as choosing the right colors and bringing your room to life with color and sparkle. Go for bright and bold colors, be creative with sparkles and glitter, and even get the kids involved in helping to make or customise decorations.

Guest post written by Marie Clark: Marie Clark books entertainment for parties in Long Island. You can reach her at http://www.hijinx.tv


  1. When you set a party in a big venue, use low-cost props and decorations so your budget won’t cut-off. Foods served are like the most awaited part of the gathering, so better have variety in the menu. Dessert is a must-have too, of course. You don’t really to have to hire a professional DJ for the music, ask a family member or friend to do the task.


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