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How to Turn a Passion Project into a Reality without Getting Overwhelmed

As a mom, you love caring for your family, keeping the home ship afloat and watching as your little ones grow right before your eyes into caring and confident kiddos.

Well, at least most of the time you do.

If you are being totally honest, there are also days when you wish you could pursue your own interests—like you did before becoming a busy mom. Sure, you like helping your children achieve their goals of becoming a better soccer player or artist, but you miss the times when you could have time to yourself to do what you want to do.

Here is some great news: It is definitely possible to pursue a passion project and not lose your sanity in the process. Just use the following tips:

pursue a passion project

Continue Your Education with the Help of Online Courses

If your passion project involves continuing your education, you may think you are out of luck due to the inability to spend hours in a brick and mortar college. This is where online courses can really help—they can allow you to further your education and get additional skills, all from the comfort of home. A great example of this is Amway Education, which teaches Independent Business Owners a wide variety of skills that they can use to grow a business. The curriculum, which is all online, includes more than 80 virtual courses and activities that are broken down into four series. At the end of Amway Education, not only will you have advanced in your education, but you will be more than ready to take the next step and launch your own Amway business, should you desire to do so.

Follow Your Dream with the Help of Other Moms

Maybe you have always dreamed of starting your own bakery. Perhaps you want to turn your talents for photography into a freelance business, or you would like to nourish your soul and give back to the community by volunteering at a local nursing home. If constant child care duties are preventing you from pursuing these goals, consider joining or starting a babysitting co-op. You can trade watching everyone’s kids a few days a week, freeing up valuable “me time” to look into what it takes to launch your small business or volunteer more often. Then, as your kids get older, you can use the time they are in school to focus on your interests.

Turn an Interest into a Hobby—and Maybe Get Paid in the Process

Once you decide what you wish to pursue, the next step is how to turn this desire into a tangible hobby. For instance, if you always loved writing in school and enjoy keeping a journal, you might decide to start a blog as your passion project. If you feel that familiar pang of mom guilt that you will spend time on something that will not generate any income for your family, a blog could very well turn into a money maker. Spend some time perusing through blogs and research online how to start a blog, and go from there. Once you work at your blog for awhile, it could very well start to be a money maker as well as a way to feel like you are doing something you love.

Whatever your Passion is, You Have What it Takes to Make it Work

While taking care of your family is important and fulfilling, you also have to take care of you. This is where a passion project can really help. By finding workable ways to go after whatever dream you have, you will be able to pursue your dreams in ways that will not leave you feeling overwhelmed.


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