Finds and GuidesHow Long Does Professional Pest Control Last?

How Long Does Professional Pest Control Last?

There is no sure-fire solution to keep pests away from your home for good. You will have to perform regular inspections around your home because pest reduce value to your home. A quality exterminator is hard to come by, so it’s important to read pest control reviews to find a reliable company that will work with your interests in mind. For those of you who live in a heavily populated area, or near a green belt, you will need to have a professional inspect your home more than those who live in the suburbs. There is no definite duration between home inspections so you must consider some common scenarios that determine if you need to call an exterminator. The most important factors are the environment your house borders, the prevalence of pests in the environment, and the history with infestations in the community.

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Professional Pest Control

The largest factor that determines how long you should wait between inspections is the environment surrounding your home, and the common pests in the community. If you live in a colder region, many rodents will enter your home in search of warm shelter. The pests do not intend to be a nuisance but are simply trying to survive in a harsh environment. Although they are trying to survive, they still pose many health risks to humans. These pests carry diseases such as Rat-Bite Fever, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Lassa Fever. Rodents love wooded areas and high grass. If your backyard is near this kind of environment then you are more likely to have a rodent enter your home. You should perform monthly inspections of your home to ensure all exterior access points are properly sealed.

If you live near an area with a high population of pests, then those pests will enter your home at some point. Green belts are thriving with wildlife of all sorts, and will when environments become overcrowded animals seek new territory for food. Since many green belts don’t have predators, these pests are not confined to a specific location and will not know to be afraid of entering a human’s house. There is an abundance of life in nearly all environments. In desert climates, you will find a higher population of termites and cockroaches so you will have to examine the exterior of your home for mud tunnels climbing the side of your house. Cockroaches are a particularly difficult to exterminate because they reproduce at a rapid rate and have bacteria on their bodies that protects them from common pesticides. If your community has a high prevalence of pests, then you should perform regular inspections so you can swiftly eradicate an infestation.

Many of you have experienced several infestations in your home and there is most likely a reason. Many homes have several small openings on the exterior of the home and pests can easily slip through these spaces. A mouse can squeeze through a hole the size of a nickel, so any holes this side or bigger must be sealed up to limit their entry points. One of the most common entrances for rodents is through holes used for utility pipes and cables. You should seal off these entry points by screwing in a thick mesh barriers to prevent them from chewing through the material. Rodents have extremely strong teeth and you must use a thick material or they will easily chew through your barrier. If pests keep entering your home, then you should perform monthly inspections and call a professional who can install further preventative measures.


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