Health & FitnessProactive Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away All Season

Proactive Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away All Season

It’s still summertime, but one thing is sure: the irksome scourge of mosquitoes is far from going back to hiding.

While this may be their most active season, they’re equally frustrating at other times of the year.

Beyond the buzzing noises, their health implications are significant causes of worry. For this reason, your surroundings should be made off limits to them.

Are you looking into practical ways to keep these dreadful pests away? Early treatment is your best shot at putting them off for good. Now that you’re here, it’s about time to learn a handful of these methods.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes All Season

Follow our lead as we guide you through easy ways to keep safe from mosquitoes.

Clean Up Standing Water Around Or Within Your Vicinity

Stagnant water is mosquitoes’ favorite breeding site. In other words, if you harbor standing water on your property, you support their proliferation.

Clear all still water in gutters, sinks, and other unused containers. If you have a pond or pool, ensure you clean them out routinely.

Ground holes and other depressions in your compound should be sealed to avoid water collection.

Eliminate Dirt And Debris

If your yard has trees with constant leaf drops, their decay may invite mosquitoes to lay eggs. The same with fell logs.

Essentially, a clean environment makes your house inhabitable to these pesky pests. Clear leftovers and gutter debris and keep tidy always.

Keep Your Doors And Windows Shut

During the rainy season, for example, the humid air is blissfully appealing to mosquitoes to hatch. So it’s advisable to keep all entries closed, especially in the evening.

Set Mosquito Traps

If you’re dealing with a mosquito infestation, traps are practical exterminators to curb their numbers. They work by imitating the smell and visual stimulants of the pests.

Thankfully, there are numerous products in the store with different working principles.

While some glue mosquitoes to a sticky surface, others electrocute them instantly on contact.

Once you’ve identified their hideouts, disguise your traps to maximize effectiveness.

Sometimes, however, you may need to move them around to get the perfect sites to set these traps.

Use Repellents

Spray-on insect repellents are outdoor preventive measures for mosquitoes. Remember, these pests are active mainly in the evening and early morning hours.

If you’d be working anywhere in your yard, garden, or lawn at these periods, wear the EPA-approved chemical repellents.

Burn Candles

To keep mosquitoes from your exterior, like your deck area or patio, you can light candles or lanterns containing at least an anti-mosquito essential oil. Examples are clove, eucalyptus, lavender, cedarwood, etc.

Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Natural ways to keep mosquitoes away is by cultivating plants known to be mosquito-repelling. For someone that enjoys unwinding in the backyard, this will come in handy.

Tulsi, catnip, neem, basil, and marigolds are a few of these plants. You can include any in your garden vegetation.

If there is any time to keep your property pest-proofed, now is! Mosquitoes are a category you don’t want to wait until they intensify their activity in your home. Plan now and keep these troublers at bay once and for all.


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