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Practical Improvements for Family Homes

Looking for practical ways to give your home a new lease of life? Whether you want to enhance its functionality, appearance, or create more space, we’ve got you covered. Let’s look at several ways of improving a family home.


New Worktops for Your Kitchen

One of the best ways of enhancing your kitchen is by either having a new countertop installed. Given that worktops can be a key focal point of a kitchen, you should look out for those with great aesthetics, sturdiness or/and scratch-resistant ability. Overall, a great countertop can make a significant difference to the overall look of your kitchen.

Some of the best options include:

  • Granite worktops
  • Marble worktops
  • Soapstone worktops
  • Engineered quartz stone worktops
  • Ceramic tile worktops
  • Solid-surface material worktops
  • Laminate worktops
  • Stainless steel worktops

Each option has a range of pros and cons, so it’s best to spend time evaluating different types before making a decision.


Whether adding them to your attic space (perhaps as part of a loft conversion… more on that shortly) or as an installation in your kitchen, skylights are a fairly inexpensive way of transforming a space entirely. Aside from letting in plenty of light, they also bring additional aesthetic value with their design.

Rethink Storage

Time to get clever with storage. Any family home can be hectic, and improving your approach to how and where you store items can limit clutter and make life a little easier all-round.

Here are some tips for rethinking storage:

  • Under-the-stairs nook could be used for storage or even to add bookcases or both. Perhaps you could arrive home, put your shoes under the stairs, grab a book, make a cuppa and put your feet up for a nice early evening read!
  • Another way of adding more storage space to your property is by installing under-cabinet drawers. These are just what you’d expect: slim cabinets that are fitted very near floor level, beneath your kitchen cabinets.
  • Beyond that, you could renovate an unused attic or basement to make a suitable space for storing various items.

Open Up Spaces

Improving household storage can only go so far as to make your rooms feel larger and more open. However, you may be interested in having a wall knocked down to achieve a kitchen extension. 

Please note that you must hire a professional for this, and they have to ensure that the wall being removed is not load-bearing. There are a whole host of safety concerns here, so always hire a qualified professional (or team of professionals) for this sort of job.

Of course, focusing on more practicality, you could redecorate your rooms. By coming up with a smart and practical plan, you could rearrange furniture and fittings (where feasible and safe) to make rooms feel bigger.

Underfloor Heating

Many households could benefit from the introduction of underfloor heating. And, of course, this could be something that the whole family could equally appreciate.

Aside from offering high energy efficiency, low maintenance, and creating a nice, comfortable underfoot, this type of heating is also a great way of freeing up space. Alternatively, if saving space is your main concern, you could replace your horizontal radiators with vertical radiators (if suitable for your home).

Loft Conversion

As mentioned earlier, converting your attic could prove a great spot to store more items and go well with the addition of skylights. Beyond that, a converted attic space could be turned into a new bedroom if suitable. If you’re considering a loft conversion, consult a professional for advice. You should ask them to check if your loft is suitable and the extent of the work needed.


Having decking (or even a patio) built in your garden can give it a new lease of life. First and foremost, a new deck can improve the appearance of your garden. Beyond that, decking could make for a great spot to socialise with your friends during the summer or to chill out on a sunny day and enjoy a read… or a glass of rosé.

Solar Power

Another home improvement worth considering is the installation of solar panels. While a solar panel array will come with a high upfront cost, it can save you money by reducing your energy bills.

What Else Should I Consider?

Other home improvements you may want to look into include:

  • Installing a downstairs toilet.
  • Having an automatic bathroom vent fan installed.
  • Construct Bespoke shelves.
  • Painting your floorboards.
  • Have your walls painted or wallpapered with a new and fresh look.
  • Add a fancy stair runner to your staircase.
  • Renovate or replace your front door.

Some of the above jobs may be DIY-friendly (depending on your skills and knowledge), while others are not. If in doubt, always consult a professional.

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