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POP Alerts Benefits (for professionals):

  • Gives you the opportunity to reach an unlimited amount of highly influential mom bloggers whether it’s a review opportunity, the introduction of a new music artist looking for blog exposure, contest and giveaway information, interview opportunities with authors and/or entrepreneurs and anything else you think would benefit from blog coverage.
  • Gain exposure for your products/services (or your client’s)

To Send A POP Alert:

  1. Use the form below to purchase your POP Alert(s).
    • We charge a small fee of $50 to send a POP Alert to our influential mom bloggers. This fee covers our hard work behind the scenes and is put in place to ensure you are serious about connecting with our awesome mom bloggers. Discounts are available if you’d like to send more than 1 alert.. these can be used whenever you’d like.
  2. Once payment has been submitted, email your pitch (please include up to 3 images, and your contact info) to momfuse at See sample POP Alerts here.
  3. After your pitch has been sent out, you’ll be contacted directly from influential mom bloggers who want to feature your story or product.

Please note, we do try to limit the daily alerts so that our influential mom bloggers are not overwhelmed with requests unless it’s a large and urgent opportunity. In your email please let us know if this is an urgent request. You can also choose to have the alert sent on a specific date.. if this is needed, please let us know in your email.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak to us directly about our POP Alerts, please email Jessica at momfuse at


Submit A POP Alert

After you’ve made your purchase please send your alert, along with your contact details and up to 3 images to momfuse at If you’d like your alert to go out on a specific date please let us know in your email.