ReviewsPlum Organics - Convenient Healthy Meal Choices

Plum Organics – Convenient Healthy Meal Choices

If you haven’t had a chance to see Plum Organic products at your local Whole Foods store or their ads in numerous parenting magazines , I would like to introduce you to this innovative company. Plum Organics offers pre-packaged frozen organic meals for babies and toddlers. Why is frozen better? Plum Organics uses a process called “flash freezing” to ensure that the meals taste just as fresh as when it is made. Freezing allows them to lock-in the nutrients and also ensures greatly consistency of the nutritients. Besides the nutritional factors , the convenience of child size portioned  , organic foods is a real time saver.  Plum Organic meals come in a variety of tasty combinations for babies 6 months and up. The organic line for babies offers choices like , red lentil veggie , mango muesli , black bean tomato ragout , pumpkin banana and more. For older children Plum Organics offers four different entree combos , bowtie pasta , cheese-filled spinach tortellini , italian sausage marinara and rainbow pasta shells , all served with a healthy veggie side.

Not only does Plum Organics offer you and your children healthy choices at home , but they are actively involved in making the world a healthier place:

As the sole baby & kid’s food partner of Healthy Child Healthy World, we proudly support their mission to help create safe environments and non-toxic choices for a cleaner, greener world. Healthy Child Healthy World educates caretakers and parents on important and timely information on how to keep their children safe in a home free from harmful environmental exposure. To learn more visit our friends at

Take a moment to check out this fact sheet supplied by Plum Organics –





Kids Line Fun Facts



Farm – to – Finger


(one little one at a time) – connecting kids to where “real

food” comes from with organic tips, food puzzles and educational fun facts on the

back of every box!

Available in 4 varieties offering familiar notes and exciting combinations


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Pasta with Creamy Sweet Potato Sauce, Rainbow Pasta Shells with Creamy

Parmesan Sauce, Cheese filled Spinach Tortellini with Marina Sauce and Italian

Sausage Marinara over Multigrain Pasta.


Each meal includes a healthy portion of organic vegetables in a kid approved

2-compartment tray so the veggies do not touch! The convenient 7oz tray is

microwave safe and ready in 3 minutes!


Our organic ingredients are flash frozen to retain the most nutrients, enzymes,

flavor and texture. No worries about bacteria, yeasts, and molds that can form

when a product sits on the shelf for a looooong time!

No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Non-GMO Soy! Plus

no Trans Fat

and amazingly low levels of sodium.

Organic dairy


ensures that our meals are free from unnecessary and potentially

dangerous hormones and antibiotics


Essential nutrients for the growing child – rich in Vitamin K, A and C, and tons of

protein and iron

Eco-Friendly Packaging & Process


– Packaged in 100% carbon neutral

paperboard: created from 100% recycled materials and using 100% clean energy

to produce.

Biodegradable and compostable tray


(first of its kind!) made from

annually renewable materials.

No fossil fuels used in production process to create the tray!

New Kids line available nationwide in the frozen foods section of


Whole Foods Markets and other leading natural grocery retailers

For more information , please visit – Plum Organics

Written by Nicole Ibarrondo, former editor here at Mom Fuse


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