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Planning Your School Tour

One of the most critical parts of choosing a private of public school is actually visiting the location. This can be done through a guided tour, open house or overnight trip. Each of these options will allow you to view the grounds and ask questions about the education that your child will receive. Choosing schools that have an access to things like chinese tutor Singapore and other forms of higher learning is important. Use the following tips to plan your school tour and ensure that you understand all of the factors of the school that you are considering.

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Plan Ahead

This includes planning your accommodations ahead of time. While some schools will allow you to stay on-campus, others will require you to make your own arrangements. Look into the lodging options nearby and consider the travel time to and from the school that you will have to make. This will help you ensure you are on time for the tours that you plan to attend.

Prepare a List of Questions

You should make detailed lists of everything that you want to see and any questions that you have about the facility. It is also a good idea to take a pad and paper to write down questions as you are on the tour. This way you can have all your concerns of questions addressed while you are there. This is the time to ask, you may not have another opportunity to do so prior to enrollment.

Dress Appropriately

The schools are private for a reason. You should dress in a professional manner that will show you are serious about the education at the school. Jeans and t-shirts are not appropriate attire, this goes for parents and prospective students.

Visit the Dining Hall

It is important to get an idea of the meals that your child will have when they are away from home. If the tour does not include this aspect, you should specifically ask to see it. This can give you a good idea of the nutrition that your child will have when attending the school.

Do not be Afraid to Speak Up

This is the time to have all your questions addressed. Speak out and speak up, remember no one else is looking out for the well-being of your child to ensure that this is the proper educational facility for them.

Ask about Contact Policies

This is often an overlooked portion of a tour. You should ensure you are aware of the times that you can call and visit. Also, how often you will be updated on your child’s grades and progress. Having this information will allow you to stay connected with your child. If you are uncomfortable with the schools policies, you should find out the reasons behind them. This may help you be at ease with the policies that are in effect.

A school tour is the time you will have the chance to get a feel for the school. You can learn about the policies and have all of your questions answered. It is important for you and your child to be comfortable with the decision that is made. This article was contributed by Singaporean tution agency,


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