ParentingPicking Out Trendy Clothes for Your Baby

Picking Out Trendy Clothes for Your Baby

As a parent, you probably have a host of duties and obligations such as feedings, diapering and burping your baby. Worrying about what your infant is going to wear may seem like an effortless responsibility. However, there are some simple rules and techniques that you want to consider to ensure their comfort and happiness.

The Best Fabrics

Finding a creative way to announce your pregnancy was probably one of the easiest things you had to do before your child’s birth. Now that they’ve arrived, your to-do list may be filled with responsibilities. In addition to cribs, monitors and a changing table, clothing is equally important once your little one makes their entrance into the world. With an overabundance of options on the market, you may be wondering what your baby really needs. A baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive to the touch. Experts recommend when you’re looking for infant clothes to choose either 100 percent cotton or organic materials. The fabrics are gentle on the skin and won’t cause allergies or irritations. Once they’ve reached the 12 month mark, they may be ready for other fabric blends.

Think it Through

Finding a clothier that is dedicated to your baby’s comfort and has their best interests at heart can be hard to find. Clothing stores such as Honey Bee Baby offers baby clothes that are stylish, sustainable and safe. This is especially important when you’re trying to navigate your way through zippers, snaps and buttons, and you’re worried about the materials getting caught on a crib post. Thinking your child’s clothing options through thoroughly can also make the items easy to get on your child and off, especially when you have a squirmy baby on your hands. Stretch materials at the neck line can allow parents to slide a top over your sensitive baby’s head. If you have to change a poopy diaper, snaps around the crotch line can make it easier to remove. Magnetic snaps are another great find as they prevent misalignment with buttons and jammed zippers.

Opt for Elastic Waist Pants

Today’s clothing that simulate yours such as denim jeans and capris are adorable. Unfortunately, the buttons and zippers can make it a miserable chore to change every time your infant dirties their diaper. While the drawstring and elastic waist may not be as fashionable, they are easier to pull on and off.

Shop Wisely

Your infant is going to quickly change and grow. While you may want to stock up on seasonal clothing sales, you don’t want to overcommit. A parka with trim around the collar may be an adorable find come the end of winter, but when you want to use it the following season, it may be too small.

Keep it Simple

If you’ve dreamed of dressing your baby in frilly tops, bow ties, lace or ruffles, you may want to rethink their clothing options. When you’re shopping for infant clothes, take a look at the materials to ensure that they’re not made with harsh dyes or chemicals. You also want to refrain from bows, pleats and ruffles in places that could scratch your baby or give them a rash. Comfy materials without any adornments can make for a happy baby.

Have Fun with Color and Designs

Race cars for boys and pink daisies for little girls were once considered to be standard clothing options for an infant. However, today’s styles offer a wide range of choices. When it comes to dressing your baby, don’t be afraid to consider different patterns or hues for them such as purple, turquoise orange or yellow. Polka dots and stripes are also no longer gender specific.

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