ParentingPicking the correct birth products

Picking the correct birth products

Giving birth to a child is the most important thing a woman will ever do. It is important that she plans for the big event and that all the family get involved. It used to be much simpler. There was not so much conflicting advice available about birth products. Whether the mother to be is giving birth in the traditional manner or in a birthing pool, there is a bewildering array of information available. Having the first child can be daunting, and she will want to make sure she gets it right. Minimising the risks by looking at different types of birth products and making an assessment of what is actually needed, rather than what random people say is also essential. The most important and influential person is, at this moment in the pregnant woman’s life, the mid wife. She (or he!) will have a lot of experience having worked alongside professional mid wives before being allowed to practice on her own. She will be able to provide the expectant mother with lots of advice, tips and techniques which will make the pregnancy as well as the actual birth as comfortable as possible.

Using a birthing pool is a great way to give birth. The water supports the body and takes the strain. Water is soothing and relaxing at the best of times, and as a birth product, the birthing pool has to come top of the league. Birthing pools come in different sizes and it will depend on its location as to which size will be selected. They are all robust enough to allow them to be filled with water safely, have grab handles and perhaps most important of all, have inflatable floors so that the user can kneel or sit down in comfort. Birthing pools are constructed so that the user can enter and exit easily. It is very important that the mother to be can exit quickly and safely at any time if she needs to. The rigid construction ensures that the birth product remains in situ and offers support. It would be very inconvenient if it had not been inflated sufficiently and became flexible. Companies who provide such birth products are experts in their field and know how to assemble and disassemble them, how much air to put in and how to fit the handles.

Birth products designed by mothers are bound to be good. They are the ones who will ultimately use them and can make the necessary recommendations. The manufacturers are always keen to have people work with the public to develop and enhance their products. Organisations want people to purchase their products so the more research and development they can do to improve their birth products the better. There is always room for improvement. Fine tuning their products and introducing new ones keep them ahead of the game and in the public eye as being responsible companies who listen to requirements. This in turn develops trust between the consumer and the manufacturer and enhances their reputation.

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