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The Perfect Dog Breeds for Children

Dogs and children go together; it’s a simple fact. Dogs can bring out the best in children (especially if they have anxiety difficulties) and it helps them learn how to care for another creature as well as accepting death when the time comes, which is an important factor of growing up. We may want to protect them from the pain, but it is something they should learn about and come to accept and the younger they are, the easier it will be for them. Not all dogs are suited for children, though, so here is a list of dogs that have proven that they’re perfect to be around your little ones.

Dogs and childrenImage Source: Pexels

Bull Dog

You might have heard horror stories of the Bull Dog, but they’re not to be believed whole heartedly. The Bull Dog is perfect for kids as they are one of the most patient breeds around. They are lazy, tough, and patient – what more do you want. They won’t annoy you by constantly running around; they can take all roughhousing your kids can throw at them; and they have a lovely temperament, which means they rarely attack (unless raised improperly, and then any dog is dangerous).

The Beagle

The Beagle is pure energy and so brilliant for active kids who are always on the go. Beagles make excellent companions, and seem to have a strong affinity with children. A Beagle will never tire of playing and so it’s best to take your kids and the dog to a park and let them run around until they both collapse (I can guarantee your children will tire first).

Yorkie Poos

The perfect combo dog, it has the intelligence of the Poodle and the cheekiness of the Yorkshire Terrier. Because of the Poodle aspect, they are extremely easy to train, meaning if you put in the effort you will have a very well behaved mutt on your hands (and you can also let your children help train them). Yorkie Poo puppies may well be one of the cutest dog breed puppies I’ve ever seen. Yorkies are also fiercely loyal and will defend their owners to the death, which is hilarious, because they are so small. What’s also great about Yorkie Poo puppies is that they don’t really get much bigger and stay looking like a puppy their entire lives.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the softest animal on the planet. You could probably poke one in the eye and it would still love you (please don’t do that, though…). They are companionship and loyalty incarnate and I’ve never known one to lose their temper with a child. The only issue is, because they will put up with pretty much anything, children might grow up to believe that all dogs are as good natured, so make sure that you let them know that Retrievers are almost unique among dog breeds for their extreme tolerance.

A word of warning to close, though: although these breeds are excellent for children, any dog can be dangerous if not properly trained and not exercised enough, so make sure you’re a responsible dog owner and that you properly educate your child and you will have loving pet for many years.


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